Inventory Management System For Online Business

Inventory Management System For Online Business Multiorders

In today’s e-commerce business, it is crucial to be able to maintain high standards. It includes every aspect of business. However, stock management seems to be the one that constantly lacks attention. The first and most important step to advance your business should be to implement an inventory management system aimed at online business.

The best inventory management software for e-commerce should include things like automatic inventory updates, shipping integrations, analytics and the ability to add multiple stores. Let’s have a closer look at all of these must-have features.

Inventory automation

With the correct choice of inventory management software, you can significantly improve your inventory management and increase cash flow. The system you choose should allow you to reduce manual labour and direct focus onto more essential tasks.

For example, without software, you need to check inventory levels quite often to make sure that the numbers match. Whenever you add an inventory management solution into the mix, it will ensure that you never oversell by continually updating and following the stock levels for you.

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Even more, a great inventory management system for online business will give you the ability to plan ahead. By setting reorder points for your products, you should be able to know that you need to restock before it’s too late.

There should also be a way to set up low stock alerts when your inventory items reach their reorder points. This way you can set a comfortable buffer that allows you to continue selling without the need to invest in inventory that can get stale.

Shipping integration

Another great feature that is essential for your stock management online is shipping carrier integrations. You must be able to quickly and conveniently ship the order with a carrier of your choice and print a shipping label in a few clicks.

It also means that you should do it without having to go to a third party app. It would also help you avoid unnecessary time-consuming tasks. The more advanced software would also include things like shipping presets.

By using them you can prepare common parcel measurements and assign a carrier to them. Whenever you need to ship an item, you select that preset and there is no need to input the information manually.

Track your performance by generating custom reports based on time periods as well as different sales channels

Comprehensive reports

Any inventory management software specificaly designed for online business should provide comprehensive reports. It should include all the aspects of your business.

For example, the reports should analyse your best and worst selling items, your stock history, most valuable customers and many more. These reports should also be available for download as well as for viewing inside the software.

Multiple store integrations

Multiple store integrations allow tracking inventory across all of your stores. The software automatically updates the remaining stock after each sale and you don’t have to worry about overselling anymore.

Even if you add ten stores, the system must be able to handle it correctly and save your precious time. Besides, with multiple store integrations you can manage all your stock on one centralised dashboard. Moreover, when your stock is always accurate, you gain more trust from your customers and can easily add product kits.

Product kits are sets of items that you sell as a bundle. The best system should automatically monitor the bundle. If one of the ingredients run out, it should mark the whole bundle as out of stock.


Multiorders inventory management system for online business

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