Inventory Management In Retail Business

Inventory Management In Retail Business Multiorders

A great deal of online merchants express difficulty with inventory management in retail. Obviously, the activities involved have a slight learning curve. However, you do get faster and more organized as a seller with experience, but it doesn’t become less tedious. The duties require undivided attention in order to avoid errors.

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Software for inventory management in retail

Inventory management in retail is solved not by extensive labour, but rather in a very cost-efficient manner – software. Automating tasks that are repetitive and have predictable patterns is what technology excels at.

Also, a centralized data system that syncs order processing, stock control, shipping and other areas of the business is a huge time saver by itself.

After all, inventory management in retail is a huge pain only when done manually. It’s no longer a problem after adopting specially designed solutions.

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Is the software compatible with my business?

If you choose software according to the platfroms and service providers you work with, then yes. Multiorders software can be paired with all major e-commerce, shopping cart, shipping and payment service providers worldwide.

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Cost of inventory management software in retail

The cost scales with monthly order count, making it attractive for a business of any scale. Starting from $29 a month, Multiorders offers a very solid set of tools.

For most users, the features are more than enough. That isn’t entirely good, but only if there’s cheaper alternatives. However, our software is priced at a fraction of the cost compared to others. Feel free to check our prices and compare yourself.

Another key point – Multiorders has no hidden costs and is easy to use. That’s important, because some companies have complex functions on purpose. They do it to grab extra income through training your staff. Be wary!

Inventory management in retail is a huge pain, until it isn’t.

How does software affect inventory management in retail Multiorders

How does software affect inventory management in retail?

Mainly, in two ways:

  • You’ll have a lot more time

The time saved will quickly translate into business growth. You’ll have more time to spend on marketing strategies, user experience and other important areas. Multiorders also gives you immediate access to reports and other analytical data to aid you in making business decisions.

  • You’ll be able to enter other marketplaces without added labour

Perfecting that one shop of yours is admirable, but focusing solely on people who visit it is suboptimal business practice. With Multiorders, you have the luxury of managing multiple marketplaces from one dashboard. Meaning, your products can reach interested customers more broadly and reliably.

Check the complete list of features to have a better idea how it changes the daily lives of numerous merchants.


Inventory management in retail is easy when done right. Considering the negligible cost endured for the near-essential pack of benefits and features it’s really hard to argue against the use of software.

Unlike many others, Multiorders provides 24/7 customer support as standard. This gives you the chance to clear up any questions you might have.