BigCommerce inventory management

Turn your BigCommerce inventory management into a well-oiled machine one quick mouse click with Multiorders software!

How can Multiorders help you?

BigCommerce inventory management

Multiorders is ready to improve your inventory management by automating your daily tasks and eliminating any possible human errors.

BigCommerce shipping

With our software you won’t have to think about how to ship your orders because we integrate with all of the most popular shipping carriers.

BigCommerce shipping label

Despite which shipping carrier you choose, you still get labels for your BigCommerce orders printed in seconds.

BigCommerce and other sales channels

If you are selling in BigCommerce and other sales channels, you can connect them all to Multiorders and control them all as one.

BigCommerce tracking number

When you fulfil your order through Multiorders, as soon as the shipping carrier provides us with the tracking number, we will automatically add it to your store.

Order fulfilment

Basically, our software is here to help you with each step of order fulfilment. Straight from the receiving to informing your customer about the tracking number.

A perfect tool for your BigCommerce inventory management

Think of a tool that can automate your sales process, shipping, stock level adjustments and also integrate with all of the most popular sales channels. Well, let’s introduce you to Multiorders which is capable to do it all and even more.

Once you add your BigCommerce store to Multiorders, you will see all the inventory, orders, sales reports and your customers. Furthermore, you will be able to make crucial changes in your pricing or stock levels.

Connect multiple sales channels

If you are planning to sell in more sales channels than only on BigCommerce, Multiorders is ready to help you. It doesn’t matter if you already have stores in different marketplaces or just plan to create them, you can connect them all in Multiorders. Simply do it with a one-time login and you will be ready to automate your business!

When you do it, all your sales channels will be synchronized. For instance, if you sell an item in BigCommerce and have connected all your other stores – eBay, Magento, Houzz and Amazon – then, the inventory of that item will be automatically deducted in each of these stores. As a consequence, you won’t have to waste your time updating your inventory manually.

Also, if you need to change the price of a particular item, you can do it in Multiorders. You can set the same price for all sales channels or set them separately – all from one dashboard. That means you won’t have to go from one store to other to make any of these changes.

BigCommerce shipping

Multiorders also takes care of your shipping management. It has multiple integrations with different shipping carriers, which allows you to ship your BigCommerce order with any of them. Also, all Multiorders users get a special deal, such as USPS Commercial Plus pricing by default.

As mentioned before, whoever you choose to ship your BigCommerce orders, you will be able to print shipping labels in seconds. Also, you can choose from a variety of different shipping label formats and even choose to print several labels on the same sheet.

Moreover, when you ship your orders through Multiorders, we will automatically add tracking numbers. Despite who is your preferred shipping carrier, when they provide us with a tracking number we will automatically add it to the designated sales channel.

Not to mention that is not all that we can offer you. Sign up for a trial to learn more!

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