How To Manage Phone Orders?

How To Manage Phone Orders Multiorders

The greatest way to reach a larger audience is to use all the possible selling options. Basically, if you are selling online, you should see how beneficial the ability to manage phone orders could be. This quality could really increase your sales performance and help engage with your customers.

How to deal with the customers?

The first thing that has to be in your mind while you are taking an order over the phone is accuracy. Be really attentive when you speak with your customer. Another important thing is the pronunciation. Try to double check each letter of their name and surname. Also, you have to be very careful when you’re taking somebody’s credit card number or other personal details.

Try to double check each letter of the name and surname

How to manage phone orders?

Basically, phone orders take more time than selling online. It is because you have to speak with your client and fulfil that order in real time. Even if you decided to manage it later, you need to write down all the necessary information at that exact moment, when you are still speaking with your customer. For this reason, you need to find a solution that would allow you to do it as fast and automated as possible.

Do not waste your time by fulfilling phone orders manually.

You can choose to work with software that can combine both offline and online sales. That way, you will be able to fulfil phone orders while you are still speaking with your customer. Multiorders order management software allows you to manage any kind of orders. That means, when you are talking with your customer, you can simply open Multiorders app and manage an order from your physical or online store. This system allows you to upload any kind of inventory and ship your orders with all of the most popular shipping carriers.

How to get more phone orders?

First of all, you need to show your phone number in a visible area. It has to be easy to find it, so your customers could contact you. Also, you could use notes, like “place an order over the phone”, “Shop by phone” or “Toll free number”, etc.