How To Get Shopify Variant ID For Products?

How To Get Shopify Variant ID For Products Multiorders

Variant ID is a sequence of numbers. Shopify variant ID is necessary for certain product variants when you are trying to make theme code customizations. It is possible to find Shopify variant ID from your Shopify admin page.


Shopify Variant ID Multiorders

To get Shopify variant ID:


  • Navigate to Products from the Shopify admin page.


  • Select the Product for which you want to get Shopify variant ID.


  • Once you open the product,  navigate to your URL bar. The URL for the product will look something like this :

  • To the URL, add .xml at the end. So, your link will look something like this:


  • Follow the link, and you will be redirected to a new page that contains an XML.  FInd the tag <variants type=”array”>. All the information regarding your variant can be found between <variants type=”array”>…….</variants>.


  • There are various elements of the variant that are present between these tags. Find the tag <title>, this is the title is the product options summary that are elements of the variant. For example, if you are looking for the ID of a product large, woolen and green, then the code for that will look like this:


<title>Large / Woolen / Green</title>.


  • Once you find the tag for the product variant you want, look for the tag <id>. The tag is two lines above the <title> tag for the product variant you want details for.  The tag looks like this:


<id type=”integer”>999999999</id>


  • The number found within the tags <id>…..</id> is the variant ID of the product you are searching for. In this case, the example variant ID is 999999999.


Shopify also offers a much faster solution to extract product ID. However, it is not free like the previous method. You can purchase an app from the Shopify app store, such as Product & Variant IDs. The variant IDs are immediately extracted when you use the app.