WooCommerce Order Management

woocommerce order management

WooCommerce order management

Keep everything in order and track your success. That might be one of the best business tips for wholesalers. Every retailer’s task is to seek as many orders as possible. But the thing is that, if you are not able to manage them, eventually the numbers will decrease. Working with leading marketplace – WooCommerce forecasts big sales and many customers. This sale channel owns 39% of all online stores, but the latest Builtwith data increases this number to 42%, more information. In this article, explain how to deal with WooCommerce order management in a most profitable way.

WooCommerce Order Management

STRUGGLES of WooCommerce order management


WooComerce inventory

The main problem with WooCommerce inventory is their products list uploading policy. They only allow to do it in the hardest way – adding one by one. In this manner, you have to additionally write a description, SKU, price, category and etc. to each product. Of course, you won’t do it manually, simply repeat “copy-paste” tasks from your list.

In this way, you are forced to do same time-draining tasks over and over again. Obviously, it is not that hard thing to do, but it simply takes a lot of your time.

On the other hand, on their website, you can find a few possible solutions. These plugins and managing software might eliminate it, but most of them won’t solve other problems. Moreover, not all of them comes free.

  • WooCommerce inventory updates

Another struggle is also connected to inventory – updates on products. It is usual, that sometimes wholesaler needs to change price, stock-list or even product details, and any changes cost same time-draining tasks.

In other words, without a third party help, you cannot make changes to few products at once. Additionally, you have to repeat everything on each item.

WooCommerce shipping

The WooCommerce marketplace does not own any shipping company, so it is your task to complete. Of course, they offer you some suggestions, but most of them aren’t free.

In other words, you have to spend money on inventory management and also on contract with the shipping company. Unless you find a management software which includes all services in a cost-efficient way.

  • WooCommerce order fulfilment

However, when you deal with your inventory and shipping, you also have to take care of the order. For instance, it is not enough to only ship item, you also need to check it’s tracking number and inform your client.

At the same time, you need to manage all sales at the same time. With this in mind, multitasking might be quite difficult, when you have to control and fulfil all orders.

Software for WooCommerce

To avoid these struggles and simplify your business, you need to choose – work with a bigger team or choose a managing software. Sure, the cost-effective solution is a program system.

With fewer expenses, you will get more profit. Mutliorders system automatically generates all changes from www.multiorders.com to your marketplace. Furthermore, it covers all following steps: from placing item, to order fulfilment.

Multiorders software for WooCommerce order management


First of all, Multiorders solves product list problem. It allows you to upload all inventory in bulk. By saving your time on unnecessary tasks, we create a way to spend it more valuable.
In other words, instead of “copy-paste” you can “create achieve”. Inventory management now takes two or three times less than before!

  • Inventory updates

Additionally, all changes in Multiorders shows in WooCommerce too. For example, as soon as you upload stock-list updates it automatically adds to your marketplace.

Just the same is with pricing, product details and quantity – you can generate all products at once. This is the easiest way to control WooCommerce management, which eliminates time-draining tasks.


As mentioned before finding a right shipping company might be a quite challenging task. You need to read those terms & conditions documents, also make some kind of deal with those companies. On the other hand, you could simply choose a software which already completed those steps for you.

In other words, Multiorders has integrations with mostly all shipping companies, that means all you have to do is choose your favourite shipper. After you receive an order through our software, there is only one step to fulfilmentpicking your carrier.

Furthermore, each shipping company has a contract with Multiorders and take full responsibility for possible damages during a shipment. In this case, they involve all refunds and replacements.

  • Tracking number

Multiorders covers shipping by all means – including tracking details. Because of multiple integrations, tracking numbers are automatically sent to a marketplace, by instantly notifying your client.

Besides Multiorders eliminating constant check-ups, it is also the fastest way to inform your client. As soon as you choose a shipping company all your worries are gone.

  • Drop-shipping

Simplify your drop-shipping business by using a managing software. In the same manner, as choosing your shipping company, you can select your vendor. Generally speaking, you can proceed order about three times faster.

You won’t need any books, sheet nor invoices system. All and even more has Multiorders. After receiving an order, choose next step – invoice or purchase order, and then finish the last payment step. All details are filled automatically, so simply choose what you want to send to the vendor.

Altogether you can keep all your sale’s records and inventory in the same place. It is an easier way to control your business, stock-list, and keep up with vendors.

Multi-accounts WooCommerce order management

Meanwhile, we are counting advantages you will get, there is one undeniable benefit: multi-accounts management. Multiorders allows connecting as many accounts as you want to. Moreover, you can see and control inventory from all of them, using one same dashboard.

WooCommerce Order Management

In addition to this, you might also connect accounts from other selling channels. Receive and control orders from different channels on one website. Multiorders software is not only a tool to fasten your shipment and updates, but also allows control and check everything in one place.

Track WooCommerce profit

Obviously, as soon as you control all WooCommerce order management in one place, also you will get some statistics. On the same dashboard, you can track your sales, returns, sold units and etc.

All this information would let you track your own profits and losses. In this case, you will be aware of stock or popular products. Also, you can use it to do your taxes. An easy way to see profit or margin growth.

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