Why Should You Use A Cloud Stock Management App?

Why Should You Use A Cloud Stock Management App Multiorders

As most sellers in ecommerce, you’ve reached a point where you can’t keep up with your business. Without doubt, you need extra hands on your operation. However, hiring people is only efficient if you’re already using cloud based stock management software. Let us shed some light on this.

What is cloud based stock management?

What is cloud based stock management?

In the most basic sense, a cloud based stock management application is the link connecting all inventory-related aspects of your business. In other words, it tethers all your sales channel accounts together and provides you with a dashboard to control them all.

Since it’s an online solution, it also creates an information highway between all linked accounts. As a result, it can update stock levels and prices across channels. All without or very little effort from your part.

Linking accounts together is the core difference between cloud based stock management and an offline solution. In general, you no longer have to act as an intermediary between your inventory and places like Amazon, Shopify and such.

Benefits of cloud based stock management with Multiorders


Even though there are plenty of benefits you can go through on the features page, we’ll outline the most notable ones here:

  • Easy to manage inventories of any scale. No matter how many sales channels you sell on, you’ll have no problem managing it all. Not only is this more efficient time-wise, but also almost entirely immune to human error. That alone can save several hours every day and avoid confrontational situations with your customers.
  • Save on shipping. Most merchants use a single shipping carrier. Simply because it’s difficult to go through multiple accounts just to check which carrier offers the best rates for every different parcel. In Multiorders you’re presented with multiple shipping options on every order. This means you’ll be able to pick the cheapest one. All without scrolling through lengthy price tables on carrier websites. Additionally, all Multiorders users ship with USPS on Commercial Plus rates. This bonus alone can cover the monthly cost of software if you’re actively selling inside the USA.
  • Monitoring performance. It’s impossible to know how your business is doing if you don’t follow the numbers. In addition to that, you’ll have a hard time making the right business decisions. Analytical reports are essential to optimizing your business and should not be overlooked.

Most organizations that achieved success in ecommerce use reporting to improve their performance. – MOLPay

Multiorders cloud stock management software


Hopefully, you’re inching towards a cloud based stock management solution for your business. Just to make things easier for you, we suggest you join the free two-week trial. Considering how quick and easy the set up is, there’s really no reason you wouldn’t experience it firsthand. As a matter of fact, you won’t even need a credit card!

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