What Is The Right System For Inventory Tracking?

What Is The Right System For Inventory Tracking Multiorders

These days, there are plenty of inventory tracking software options. On a surface level, they offer similar features with minute differences. But comparing small details between many inventory tracking choices is very time-consuming. So, how to pick the right one quickly?

Common goals

Partners vs. Customers

Ideally, you’ll want a provider that views you as a partner, rather than a customer. That’s because partners have a common goal. It makes their joint forces far more likely to achieve success. On the other hand, a provider – customer relationship is a bit different. Generally, the provider’s goal is to make a sale.

It may seem abstract, but it becomes obvious after a little time spent researching the provider. If the provider has the “partner” mentality, their focus will be on your financial success, rather than their own. Of course, a wealthy client base will eventually outperform the short-term minded “customer” approach.

Multiorders is an inventory tracking software provider. And our approach to business supports the “partner” view of a user. Our ultimate goal is your success. And as you’ll soon discover, our services prove it.

Increase sales by bundling products

Inventory tracking made easier

Some providers choose to lock features behind premium or other pricier plans. With Multiorders everyone gains full permanent access to all the features and benefits. Together with the common features like automated stock, order, supply and shipping control we have:

  • Unlimited integrations. Grow your business across multiple platforms without paying extra to your inventory tracking software provider.
  • Product kitting / bundling. Extremely convenient for merchants who group multiple products into a single deal / pack.
  • Performance reports. Rich and easy to understand statistics about your business makes it much easier to make the right decisions.
  • Amazon FBA / MCF. Incredibly useful for merchants who opt to pay a little extra (to Amazon) for warehousing and shipping their goods. Amazon’s thoroughly optimized system is an easy way to get positive customer feedback and high ratings for timely deliveries.
  • USPS Premium Discounts. As a Multiorders user, you’ll get the highest possible discount on USPS Commercial Plus shipping.
  • Team roles. You’re able to connect an unlimited amount of users to your account. Meaning, all your staff have their own accounts. Of course, you get to set access rights for each of them individually.

price of inventory tracking

Price of inventory tracking

Typically, inventory management software is priced according to a number of factors. – Software Advice

Inventory tracking solutions’ price, based on Software Advice statistics, varies by the number of:

  • Users (team role accounts)
  • Locations
  • The number of SKUs/products
  • Orders per month
  • Devices

Multiorders price, however only scales with orders per month. No hidden / additional costs. Even then, the price is a fraction of most competitor’s costs.

This enables you to grow your business without paying up-front for growth. Meaning, you won’t have to pay extra while expanding, but only after your sales increase.


This is a lot of information to digest. However, it’s much easier in practice. We invite you to try Multiorders for free. You won’t even need a credit card for that. The initial setup is quick and easy, so don’t feel intimidated! Once the 14-day trial is over, it’ll be easy to make the right decision.

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