What Is The Most Useful Shopify App?

What Is The Most Useful Shopify App Multiorders

Shopify is one of the most popular shopping cart services. Compared to alternatives, their service is exceptional for ease of use. Anybody can set up an online store. However, merchants will need Shopify apps to complete their stores. Due to some important features missing from the starter package. There’s no way around it – you’ll need a Shopify app to fill those gaps. We’ll be talking about one of them – inventory management.

Without a Shopify app, inventory management is extremely labour- and cost-intensive. There’s a way of doing things much more efficiently.

A Shopify app that saves time

A Shopify app that saves time

An inventory management app, namely Multiorders, will automate the majority of tasks you’d otherwise spend hours daily on:

  • Stock control. Keeping numbers in check is a job for a computer. With Multiorders Shopify app every stock number updates automatically upon sale as well as restock. Also, if you’re running low on an item, you’ll be notified. You can easily follow up the notification with a purchase order that already has all the necessary details. As for most tasks, with Multiorders you just need a few clicks.
  • Order management. The whole process between receiving an order and shipping the goods out. With our Shopify app it’s reduced down to a couple of mouse clicks. And physically packing the goods, of course. However, the shipping label is prepared automatically. Along with shipment tracking.
  • Shipping. We’re in business with a selection of shipping carriers. Any package, any address you’ve got – you’ll get an optimal price and delivery time from one of them. For example, USPS is great for deliveries inside the US. Their flat rate shipping can save up to $2 per package. Sometimes even more! Each carrier has their strong suit and we’ve got the map covered with those. All Multiorders users automatically get USPS Commercial Plus shipping rates as well.

Encourages business growth

Encourages business growth

With so much extra time on your hands from doing less work, you’ll have time to grow your business. Of course, Multiorders won’t get in the way. Quite the contrary, in fact:

  • Grow your team. Inside our inventory management Shopify app, you can create sub-accounts for your employees. You can limit their access to certain commands and information. Competing inventory managers might limit the number of sub-accounts. With Multiorders, create as many as you need.
  • Expand your business beyond Shopify. We integrate with other sales channels and shopping cart services. So, if you’d like your products to be sold on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or any other platform – our app will help you out. You can control inventory from multiple sales channels with ease. Multiorders takes no cut from this – the only expense is the sales platform’s fees.
  • All our features unlock with the most basic plan. As a result, you’ll never need to upgrade just to get your hands on an additional feature you like.

manage your shopify store with multiorders

And is free to try

Just like Shopify, you can try our app for two weeks. Moreover, the set up is quick and easy. You won’t even need a credit card for this. Meaning, you won’t be charged once it’s over. Our prices start low and increase only based on received order count. We are the cheapest inventory manager out there, that gives you such a rich set of features and benefits.

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