What Is The Best Shipping Plugin For WooCommerce?

What Is The Best Shipping Plugin For WooCommerce Multiorders

Setting up an ecommerce business can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider before your shop is fully functional. WooCommerce is a great starting point, especially for those with some web design experience. Now, you’re in need for a shipping plugin for WooCommerce.

However, some solutions can take care of much more than just a single problem. You may be looking for a shipping plugin for WooCommerce, but stumble upon something bigger. Something that can dramatically change your business for the better.

Shipping plugin for WooCommerce – Multiorders

Multiorders is an inventory management system. It also takes care of shipping. You can cover its shipping features by a combo of other plugins. Though, using combos is often more pricey. However, if you’re looking for a solution that does it all without breaking the bank – look no further.

Let’s move to a few benefits of using Multiorders as your shipping plugin for WooCommerce.

Multiple carriers

To make the most out of every customer, you’ll need wide shipping zone coverage. With our integrated selection of carriers, there’s barely a place you won’t be able to ship to. Multiple carriers also mean you get to compare prices and pick the optimal shipping method every time.

Also, all Multiorders users get the biggest discount on USPS Commercial Plus shipping. USPS is favored by many merchants for their flat rate shipping. This benefit alone will save you a lot when shipping inside the US.

In a competitive market where the trend is to offer free shipping to every customer regardless of order size, using USPS flat rate boxes can help merchants preserve margins. USPS flat rate boxes typically ship faster than ground shipping, potentially improving the shopper’s experience. – Armando Roggio

Automated tracking

No shipping plugin for WooCommerce is complete without automated tracking. This feature works will all the integrated shipping carriers. Of course, the selected shipping method must include tracking for it to be active. Tracking is enabled the moment you print the label.

Automated labels

Multiorders automates all processes that don’t require your judgement and shipping labels are no exception. You’ll be able to generate them with a single click. Forget tedious and repetitive tasks like copy-pasting.

More than just a shipping plugin for WooCommerce

As previously mentioned, Multiorders is an inventory management solution. Meaning, it does way more than just shipping. If you’d like to automate stock control, order management, purchase orders along with shipping – we’ve got you covered.

Alongside the automations, there are powerful tools to grow your business, like analytical reports. These reports will keep you well informed about the health and performance of your business. Such knowledge is essential for making informed business decisions.

Useful to know: If you’re planning to expand your business beyond WooCommerce, Multiorders dashboard can be used to control many sales channels and shopping carts all at once.


When the long-term goal is a cost- and time-efficient business, you need to think bigger than just a shipping plugin for WooCommerce. With our software you’ll solve multiple inconveniences immediately and at barely any price.  Multiorders also has a 14-day trial in place. The set up is quick and easy. Join and save yourself hours upon hours of work, not to mention money.

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