What Is The Best App For WooCommerce?

What Is The Best App For WooCommerce Multiorders

An app for WooCommerce often is something that shapes the user experience. Most of them are visual or provide small conveniences to the user. And certainly, they boost sales. Although, you should use them in moderation. It’s unwise to distract customers with flashy and unnecessary add-ons. But this article focuses on the other end – the store owner’s experience.

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Improve business with an app for WooCommerce

Obviously, your store improves with time you put into it. However, it’s better to automate tasks and cut them out from your routine entirely, if possible. As long as you can automate a task, doing it by hand is a waste of time. We’ll introduce you to an app for WooCommerce that will automate inventory processes. As a result, you’ll have more time to make store improvements without invading your leisure time.

Knowing how to harmonize assignments with the time available can bring you improved service and better customer care. Subsequently, higher profits and the expansion of your business emerge. – Lea Kuscer

Proper inventory management

As previously mentioned, the goal of this article is to save you time. And no other area in ecommerce wastes as much of it as inventory management. Merchants spend hours on tasks that could be done for them. These tasks include:

  • Stock control. Keeping inventory numbers in check and accurate is tedious. If done by hand, though. This process gets much more painstaking if you sell products across multiple sales channels, in addition to your WooCommerce website. Also, letting an inventory management app do this for you removes chance for human error. As a result, goods get misplaced or lost less often.
  • Order management. With current technology, the time you spend between receiving an order and shipping it out can be reduced to mere moments. Of course, you’ll still have to pack the goods and stick the shipping label on. Unless, you use storage services.
  • Storage services. The app for WooCommerce we’re discussing, Multiorders, integrates with Amazon FBA / MCF. While the app doesn’t charge extra for this (or any of its features), Amazon does. But the benefits of using this service are well worth it. Amazon stores your products and ships them out directly to the customer. It’s fast and reliable. This is a bullet-proof way to get positive reviews and gain loyal customers along the way.

These are just a few of the many benefits. You can check the complete list, if you’d like.

Useful to know: if you’re ambitious about entering multiple sales channels – you’ll be glad to know Multiorders can be used to control all of them at once. Not every app for WooCommerce can boost your sales outside your website!

How much does it cost Multiorders

Is it free?

Do you consider your time a valuable resource? If so, it’s not only free – it’s profitable.

Anyways, it is completely free for two weeks. Afterwards, if you choose to keep using Multiorders, it costs $29 monthly. The cost can be higher, depending on how many orders you receive per month. Keep in mind, these prices are far below the market average. The time and money you save by using this app for WooCommerce will quickly cover the difference. So, even though it’s not free in a literal sense, it’s a giant win for your business.

Note: the trial doesn’t require a credit card, so you will not be charged at the end of it.

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