What do people buy during Coronavirus?

people buy during Coronavirus

Coronavirus is one of the most trending topics of conversation nowadays – and it’s no surprise to anyone. It changed our daily routine, social behaviour, free time activities, work and most of all, shopping habits. You could even say that this period is a golden age for e-commerce. So what do people buy during the Coronavirus pandemic?


Why do people buy online more during the Coronavirus pandemic?

The answer is straightforward and has a few explanations in it. Firstly, most of the world has established a stay at home order, which requires you to perform social distancing and avoid leaving your home. That automatically allows you to spend more time at home – browsing your phone or computer, where all the possibilities to shop online are present.

Another reason for this behaviour is the ways that Coronavirus spreads. Person-to-person spread is not the only way that you can be infected. It could take only one touch of the surface that has been touched by a person who is sick, and you will get sick too. Also, there are other frightening facts. For instance, not all the injected people show symptoms. That means you can spread it all around the world without even knowing. With this in mind, many people ultimately stop any activity outside their homes, although they still need some life-sustaining supplies. That is where e-commerce gets the highest sustained demand of all time. People cannot go outside their houses, but they still need things, so online shopping is their only solution.

The rapidly spreading virus impacts new shopping behaviour, which pushes out physical shops. Of course, there are some grocery stores that still work, but more people choose to buy online during the Coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, more products are purchased, and popular demand trends change significantly for some product categories. That is where our main question pops in – what items are trending during the pandemic?

people buy during Coronavirus

What do people buy during the Coronavirus pandemic?

With the significant increase in online sales, it is easy to determine which things people need the most during this sensitive period. According to data from multiple sales channels, these are the 5 most popular product categories that people buy from, during the Coronavirus pandemic.


  • Kitchen supplies, food and ingredients

It is impossible to stay at home for a long time without essential supplies and food is the most important of them. Most people will also need tools to prepare food, since eating out has become much more popular in recent times. According to Amazon’s sales data, food is one of the leading product categories during the stay at home order. The most popular foods to buy online are meat & seafood, then goes canned, jarred & packaged foods, snack foods and finally dairy, cheese & eggs.


  • Medical care

During this sensitive period, everyone thinks about their health and ways to protect it. As we all know, face mask shortage is a big problem for many countries. That is why people buy them actively. Also, air purifiers and disinfection liquid are among the most sought after health supplies. It is essential to take care of your hygiene, avoid spreading the virus and clean your surroundings.


  • Arts & Crafts

Quarantine influences people’s behaviour by keeping everyone at home. During the Coronavirus pandemic, people need to find more indoor activities and thus buy stuff to entertain themselves. That is where everyone tends to get back to their hobbies. Crafts, arts and painting materials are now booming, as well as paper and notebooks.


  • Sports & Outdoor play

This period made indoor activities and sports more popular too. People cannot leave their homes, but they still want to keep up with the activities they loved before the quarantine. Fitness and home gym equipment is trending, because of the stay at home order and closed gyms. People need to find new ways to be active in or around their houses, so outdoor play is now more popular than ever.


  • Learning & Education

People buy more books than usual during the Coronavirus pandemic because they have more time to read or learn new things. All vocabularies, games, toys, manuals, etc. that are educational are more popular than ever. Everyone wants to be productive and spend all this time at home being as productive as possible. That is why products for learning and education are so popular today.


What if you sell products from these categories?

The answer is pretty simple – it is your golden age, dear seller! Your product category is now on the rise, which means that you have to face a higher product demand. Unfortunately, all this new success has its price. This new flow of online customers creates a more significant need to improve the management of your online business. In other words, if you won’t improve your online store’s management, you won’t be able to take all the possible benefits from this situation.

It is highly recommended to find yourself a suitable software, which will help you outperform your competition, and complete the sales process faster. Sellers have to identify the most critical aspects of the software that will help them during this sensitive period.

Software should improve –

  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Shipping management


  • Inventory management

Our solution of choice is Multiorders. It has all the necessary integrations to automate your inventory management. It allows you to connect all your online stores and manage them all in a single dashboard. In this case, you will save a lot of time without having to switch through multiple different tabs to find new orders. Also, it automatically deducts inventory in every online store, shortly after a sale is made. These and other Multiorders features can help you keep up with the increased product demand.


  • Shipping management

Streamlined shipping and delivery are vital if you want to keep up with higher demand. Multiorders integrates with all of the most popular shipping carriers and allows you to ship your orders with the best shipping rates. The software also automatically syncs shipping details and updates tracking numbers.


  • Order management

Multiorders allows you to complete the sales process with a few mouse-clicks. When you receive a new order, all you have to do to send it is click on the “Ship order” button, choose your shipping carrier and print shipping labels. Multiorders will take care of the rest. You can also ship multiple orders at once by using the “Bulk shipping” option. It automates stock levels, order status, tracking numbers and more.

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