What did Coronavirus do to e-commerce?

Each big crisis leaves its footprint on our behaviour, be it a global or a personal one. Coronavirus is not an exception, and as e-commerce participants, we can easily confirm that – one way or another, this pandemic affected our shopping habits. In this article, we will touch on the main points of what Coronavirus did to e-commerce.

Terrible crisis = good sales?

Despite how bad this sounds, it is almost 100% true – during the crisis, most e-commerce businesses got their chance to sell more. 70% of respondents said that they are shopping online more during the pandemic. One of the main reasons for this dramatic increase is the stay at home order. Most of the world decided to go into lockdown during the pandemic, which magnificently changed shoppers mindsets. When people were supposed to stay at home and avoid physical stores – they have turned to the online world and made e-commerce businesses grow.

New business opportunities

Along with all the disadvantages that 2020 brought to our lives, there were some advantages as well. Some help was launched during the worst times. In the very peak of the Coronavirus crisis, a new e-commerce sales channel was created. Facebook Shops was that helping hand that most small businesses needed. During the Coronavirus, all the little shops that didn’t sell online were at risk of totally shrinking out. That means they needed to find the quickest way to make e-commerce work. Facebook created that way – selling through Instagram and Facebook. This selling method does not require a lot of resources or knowledge, so it can be a convenient choice for most businesses just starting out in e-commerce.

What did Coronavirus do to e-commerce through the product category perspective?

Despite the fact that we can all agree that interest in e-commerce during Coronavirus was higher, we cannot apply it to all online stores. Because of these circumstances, some product categories gained more popularity than others. There were some specific items that people wanted to get and their demand increased significantly. Of course, medical care items like face masks, air purifiers and disinfection liquid became the most sought after category of products. Then, all items for indoor activity had their piece of cake as well. Stay at home order forced us all to search for new free-time activities that we could do while we were at home. On the other hand, there are product categories that have drastically declined during the pandemic. We can name some of them – items for travelling, party supplies and camping equipment. Well, it is easy to see why travelling is the last thing that you want to think of with all the closed borders and pandemic vibes.

What should you do when it’s over?

When the world is slowly bouncing back after the Coronavirus and the quarantine is nearly over everywhere, it is time to improve your e-commerce business. Everyone wants to find a way to stay on top of the sales, even when the quarantine is almost over. In order to do that, you have to be sure about three things – customer experience, management efficiency and order fulfilment speed. These three things combined together, create a window to unlimited online business success. However, there’s still the question of having it all without colossal effort?

The answer is yes, but you cannot achieve this alone. Either you should hire a big team that will take care of all your business parts – people who will manage warehouses, regularly update stock levels, another team to contact suppliers at the right time. Then, you will need someone to do the shipping and get the best shipping rates. Stick printed shipping labels and after all of that, add tracking numbers to the right sales channels. The scenario of online sales can be slightly different but the main core stays the same – check online stores, fulfil orders, notify customers, restock and take care of your inventory. Fortunately, there is a solution that allows doing all of that and even more using barely any human resources. The right software can combine all three – inventory, shipping and order management into one automated solution.

Improve your shipping

Multiorders software integrates with all of the most popular shipping companies, which creates an opportunity for our users to work with any of them. When you see a new order simply click to ship it, choose the preferred shipping carrier and our software will take care of everything from that step. Multiorders will automatically sync shipping details, so you can forget about copy-pasting them. Also, you will be able to print shipping labels in seconds and as soon as the shipping company provides a tracking number – Multiorders will automatically update your online store. Sounds like a job for a whole team, no?

Connect as many stores as you want

Multichannel selling has never been so easy. Multiorders integrates with all well-known sales channels and marketplaces, which allows our users to control all of their stores in a single dashboard. Basically, you can see all your orders and inventories in the same system. That saves you a lot of time because you won’t need to constantly check your stores or fill any excel sheets to keep up with the stock levels.

Automate your inventory management

Each time you make a sale, the software will automatically reduce stock for you in all sales channels. That way you won’t need to do it manually or accidentally run out of stock. Also, you can set reorder points to your items, and be notified when you reach the set limit. Connect your items to the right suppliers to make the reorder process easier. Having all your business in a single system allows you to do various changes in your inventory. You can change price and quantities straight from the Multiorders software.

Complete your orders easier

Multiorders allows you to automate a large part of your order fulfilment process. Send payment requests, invoices and other documents with a few mouse-clicks. Track your real-time performance and get analytic reports about it. Multiorders extracts your top products, top customers and other performance details. With one software you can improve your management efficiency and order fulfilment speed. That will affect your customers’ experience accordingly. This, together with everything mentioned above, completes all the things that will significantly improve your business. Achieve more by using the right tools and be prepared for any new 2020 unexpectedness.


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