What Are The Main Inventory Management Features?

What Are The Main Inventory Management Features Multiorders

Online purchases continue to increase in popularity. Every ecommerce merchant worth their salt knows that if you want to keep up – you’ll need a reliable set of tools. Most of them come as inventory management features.

Inventory management features

Over the last few years, inventory management software has greatly improved. Such software is generally filled to the brim with various inventory management features. We’ll introduce you to the ones, that automate and replace your daily work routines.

inventory management features include automatic updates

Inventory control, updates and restocking

Replaces all manual stock updating.

The data feed is the heart of inventory management programs. It’s essentially a database that contains all the data of your products. When the information changes through any means (say, a sale happens), it is immediately updated. The data feed file, well, feeds data to all your sales channels. It also uses this information to provide you with some other neat features.

If you set up reorder points for your products (which you should), anytime you’ll run low on stock, an alert will pop up. It will offer you to send a purchase order to your supplier. Complete this process in a near-instant, instead of the tedious few minutes if done manually. You don’t even have to put in the quantities!

Product selection

Order management

All it takes to process an order is a few clicks.

Inventory management software integrates with your sales channels (eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc.), as well as shipping companies. These integrations provide the software with every bit of data needed to complete orders with zero hassle.

Find your supplier


Almost automatic shipping carrier selection. Creates shipping labels and tracking info for you.

The software fetches customer and shipping carrier information presenting you with ready-to-print shipping labels. It also takes care of tracking. Using software like Multiorders even reduces shipping costs when using USPS, because it automatically applies the Commercial Plus pricing plan. One of the most useful features for merchants particularly based in the US.

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Reports & Performance tracking

Replaces manual creation of various reports like performance analysis and many more.

All your business data is kept to generate all types of reports that you’ll need to accurately forecast demand. You always have instant access to see in detail how each product or sales channel is doing. While many features focus on making today easier, this one focuses on the days to come.

the benefits of inventory management features

The summary of inventory management features

With the Multiorders inventory management features, there’s no inventory process left unimproved. Such a powerful set of tools is no less than crucial for running an ecommerce business smoothly.

You’re probably unsatisfied with managing inventory yourself, but not yet ready to pay. How would you feel about a free 14-day trial? Multiorders will provide you with easy to use features you need to make inventory management a breeze. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up and start using the software!

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