What Are The Best Selling Tips On Ebay?

What Are The Best Selling Tips On eBay Multiorders

There are plenty of lists with 30+ tips on eBay. But none of those lists express a priority or measure the importance for each tip. Of course, they all can improve your performance, but prioritising the biggest ones greatly improves your chances of success. So, we’d like to share the three most important tips on eBay.

Three most important tips on eBay

Three most important tips on eBay

These tips on eBay are timeless and will yield results equal to your discipline.

#1 Don’t rush it

It would be great if you could just open an account and start selling stuff right away. But unfortunately if you want to do things properly on eBay, this just doesn’t work. We would recommend becoming a buyer first so that other users can see you have an eBay history. – Owen Burek

eBay is a community first and a marketplace second. You’ll have to build up your profile to lift listing limits and gain other important unlocks. The whole platform is built on people.

Therefore, dry economic theory is not always going to work, especially if it contradicts human nature. Consider every customer as a human. Most importantly, be honest in your product descriptions and provide high quality photos.

#2 Learn from others

There’s plenty of tips on eBay itself – just look at other users. Observe reputable eBay community members and learn from them. Try to notice how your profile, descriptions and other customizable spaces differ from theirs. This also works great with people you happen to buy from. What was the reason you chose that particular seller?

Bad examples are also great teachers. Force yourself to look at a few and then look for the same glaring mistakes in your own profile. Sometimes it takes to see a really bad case to realize that your’s isn’t good enough either.

#3 Use inventory management software

Considering how time- and cost-efficient such software is, it is the most important tip on the list. It basically automates all inventory, stock, shipping, labeling and purchasing operations. Not only does this save you hours each week, but allows you to enter other markets like Amazon with ease.

You can control as many sales channels as you like, all from a single dashboard. Meaning, with barely any additional time invested, you can multiply your customer reach. And that’s just the core benefit of inventory management software. There are plenty of tools inside that push your business to the next level.

Success On eBay Multiorders

Tips on eBay, Conclusion

These are our tips on eBay for you. As with any activity you dedicate yourself to – the most important thing is time. The amount of it you’ll actively spend on eBay will directly reflect on the results.

However, if you’re wasting time on tasks that can be handled by a computer within an instant – you’re not being efficient. This may sound exaggerated, but it’s no different from doing complex maths yourself. All while a calculator is within a hand’s reach.

Once you’re on eBay (or any of our other platforms) – consider trying Multiorders for free. The set up is quick and the rest of it is easy. Hope you do well on eBay!

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