USPS Rate Change 2019

USPS Rate Change 2019 Multiorders

Each new year brings its own opportunities and changes. Some of those changes are more welcome than others, because they could be positive and beneficial. That is why people are looking forward to the upcoming year to see what it will bring them. Sadly some negative changes are unavoidable too. Especially this year, when we are talking about e-commerce. All online sellers should be aware of increased shipping rates. In order to inform you about one of the most popular shipping carriers, we took a closer look at USPS rate change 2019. Also, we will advise you on how to reduce them, in order to avoid increased shipping expenses.

USPS rate change 2019

USPS rate change 2019


As mentioned before, 2019 is the year of changes and some of these changes are more pleasant than others. However, shipping rate increases are the exact opposite of pleasant. They affect your business by increasing your sale expenses. For this reason, you need to know all the newest information about USPS rate change 2019:


  • Priority Mail Express  +3,9%
  • Priority Mail  +5.9 %
  • Retail Ground  +3.9%
  • First Class Package Service – zone-based pricing
  • The overall average for all shipping services  +7%


As you can see, the overall average increase for all shipping services is 7 %, which can make quite a difference in your budget. Keep in mind, that this new pricing takes effect on 27th of January, which means that you still have enough time to prepare for it.


How to reduce USPS shipping rates?


One of the most convenient ways to reduce USPS shipping rates is to use third-party software, that can offer you the best pricing. Multiorders shipping management software offers you an automated shipping solution and integrates with the most popular shipping carriers. Integration with USPS allows you to fulfil any order with a few mouse clicks. Also, you can use USPS Commercial Plus pricing for free, without any additional requirements or charges.

Basically, as soon as you receive an order in Multiorders, all you need to do in order to fulfil it is to click on the USPS company’s logo. The system will automatically generate all the necessary details and auto-update order status in the correct marketplace. Also, it will automatically add tracking numbers and you can get labels printed in seconds.

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