Every year the US Postal Service (USPS) announces an updated price list for their services. This year the new price list will take effect from January 27th. USPS commercial plus pricing has increased for most of the services. That includes most products, weights and zones. Some of the changes are being postponed to later dates of 2019 - keep an eye for those.

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First class rate changes 2019

In 2018 first class pricing was based on ounces. However, from 2019 it changes to ounces plus zones. Which is similar to Priority mail. Prices for First Class Package Service will increase for around 12,3 % - quite a significant increase. The weight limit will remain the same - up to 15.999 ounces.

Priority Mail 2019

In 2018, sending a package larger than 1 cubic foot with Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express and going to zones 5-9 was subject to Dimensional Weight. From 2019, all parcels larger than 1 cubic foot and going to all the zones will be charged according to Dimensional Weight. USPS has postponed the DIM (Dimensional Rating) zone changes until June 23rd, 2019.

In the Priority mail category, price increase will be a little lower than for First Class and will rise by 5.9% on average. As for Priority Mail Express the price increase  will only reach 3.9 % on average.

USPS Commercial plus pricing 2019

In 2018 only high-volume shippers were able to use discounted USPS Commercial plus pricing. According to USPS in 2019

the Commercial Base prices will increase 3.2 percent on average and will be equal to the Commercial Plus prices, in order to align with the industry standard in the marketplace of offering one set of commercial prices for each product.

However, those who use Multiorders shipping management software can get USPS Commercial Plus pricing with discounts without having to match any conditions. And if your origin address is in the US, this plan will be automatically added to your Multiorders account.

USPS Commercial plus pricing 2019 has increased but still offers lower prices than Fedex or UPS.

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