How to Use Personalization To Increase Customer Loyalty

How to Use Personalization To Increase Customer Loyalty Multiorders

Most common e-commerce marketing strategies require investment into ads, logo, video content, etc. However, many of them forget about the human element. Personalization is the straightest way to gain customer loyalty. A simple human touch could drastically escalate your online business. Investing in your existing customers is equally as important as attracting new ones. Also, loyal customers create your company’s reputation and leave a positive feedback. In this article, you will find out how to gain customer loyalty with personalization.



7 Tips to increase customer loyalty with personalization



1. Welcoming emails

First things first, start your personalization strategy right after your customer’s visit! That is a smart move to warm up your client. Send a simple welcoming email from the store’s founder after they register. This way, you will look like a polite and serious company. Also, you can encourage your customer by presenting your benefits. In this case, you will gain customer loyalty at the very first stage of your relationship.

Welcoming emails customer loyalty



2. Live support

Another key thing which creates customer loyalty is a well-planned customer service. Usually, a quick answer to your customer’s question is vital for conversion rate. That is why live support is a great solution for any online business. The first conversation with your customer is very impactful. Keep in mind, that you only have one shot to leave a good first impression. Up to 45% of US customers will abandon the transaction if their questions are not answered quickly.

Live support customer loyalty



3. Social Media

Social Media campaigns are great for advertising, but they also help create a bond between you and your customers. Start interacting and sharing interesting content. Through multiple social media channels, you can share your company’s opinion and values. Another leverage of social media is that you can deliver quick support and see what your customers have to say about you. Keep in mind, that you have to take every advantage of it and share posts that will engage your customers, thus attracting them to your business.

Social media customer loyalty


4. Best quality & delivery

There is no better thing than to deliver quality to your customer. You need to make sure that they will never complain about your product quality. That is definitely a critical thing which impacts your customers’ loyalty. Not to mention, that you also need to think about the quality of your delivery. For that, you should try to work only with the best shipping carriers. There is a big variety of them in Multiorders software, which also helps fulfil any order in a few clicks. Automated order fulfilment will escalate your company’s quality.

Best quality & delivery customer loyalty


5. Surveys after purchasing

Right after you take care of the delivery and your customer receives their purchase you should not let them go. In other words, follow up on recent purchases. Ask customers about their experience with your company, in order to gain customer loyalty. A handy tool for that is sending survey emails with a few questions. Additionally, it helps collect feedback which attracts new customers. Also, surveys give you insights to improve your service.

Surveys after purchasing customer loyalty


6. Member program

Creating a member program not only increases your customers’ loyalty, but also helps them feel special. Usually, it provides them with some kind of benefits or notifications. Also, you can gamify your member program. This way, you will encourage users to register. Upgrading activities with game elements will make them more excited and devoted. It directly affects customer loyalty, because they will most likely purchase again from the entertaining online store.

Member program customer loyalty


7. Celebrate with your customer

This one last tip is for cheering up your client. Celebrate their main holidays with them. For example, send them a happy birthday email. Also, you could offer an additional discount as a present for them. This is a polite strategy which increases customer loyalty. Not to mention, that you should not limit it to only their birthdays. Celebrate New Year, Christmas, etc. the same way.

Celebrate with customer customer loyalty


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