UPS Shipping Management For Ebay Sellers 2019

UPS Shipping Management For eBay Sellers 2019 Multiorders

As an e-commerce seller you should know that one of the most important tasks is shipping. Therefore, UPS shipping management is a good solution for ebay sellers. It lets you be in control of your shipments and not feel stress about order fulfilment.

UPS Shipping Management for ebay sellers

UPS Shipping Management for ebay sellers

UPS is a great shipping carrier and one of the most popular ones. This shipping carrier guarantees express delivery. UPS provides same-day delivery and next-day delivery, which can be very useful for many merchants.

Also, the shipping price is affordable. Especially for shipments that are heavier than 13 ounces. Therefore, if you are looking for those things, it is the shipping carrier for you.

UPS Shipping Management for ebay sellers

Although, in order to achieve excellence in your online business, you have to not be scared of choosing the tools that would optimize your workflow. Going hand in hand with the innovations in e-commerce will help your business grow and branch out. One of those is a software that will help you deal with shipping management tasks.

Better Way to Manage Your Shipments

Multiorders is a great solution for UPS shipping management for eBay sellers. Our shipping management software lets sellers add multiple online shops and connect various shipping carriers. This includes UPS, eBay and many others! That way, you will be able to see and manage all of your shipments in one place.

Shipping management could not be easier with Multiorders. Our software offers plenty of features that are very useful for every merchant.

These include a wide selection of shipping carriers. You can choose from any of them and reduce shipping rates! Also, Multiorders offers every user a 48% discount on USPS shipping regardless of the pricing plan they choose. That is truly great news for those who want to save money.

Other amazing features that Multiorders has to offer include label creation, printing and reprinting. All you have to do in order to generate a label, is select the order and choose the shipping carrier. That is it! Moreover, you can include specific details such as quantity, name, SKU on your label. You can also pick from various shipping label formats.

Connect UPS and eBay to Multiorders

In order to enjoy the possibilities of Multiorders shipping management software, you have to connect UPS and eBay. You can easily add UPS to Multiorders. In order to do that, you have to get a UPS Access Key.

First, visit Find the section: How to get started, Step 4. After, just scroll to the bottom and press Request Access Key. Then, go to Multiorders, select UPS and enter the required details.

UPS Shipping Management for ebay sellers

Talking about eBay, it is super simple to integrate and will take only a few minutes of your time. All you have to do is go to integrations and select eBay. Then you will be redirected to ebay’s webpage. After, sign in to your account, when the page loads press “allow”. You will then be redirected back to Multiorders.

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