Running your e-commerce business without any additional software is quickly becoming outdated. That’s because the price of these tools is lower than ever.The benefits of using shipping and logistics and tracking management software always outweigh the cost. Keep on reading for a more detailed list.

Benefits of using shipping logistics and tracking management software

Benefits of using shipping logistics and tracking management software

Some features mentioned in the list aren’t universal to shipping logistics and tracking management software. However, you’ll find all of them in Multiorders.

  1. Integration possibilities.
    There’s more to your business than just shipping logistics and tracking. However with the right management software you can combine it all. Be it sales channels, shipping carriers, email marketing tools or ways to take payments. Even Amazon FBA / MCF works with it, if you’re planning to outsource warehousing, product packing and shipping. Integrate everything so the information flows seamlessly. Software like ours is driving copy-pasting tasks into extinction.
  2. Universal tool for managing business.
    Software doesn’t just bring all aspects of your business together. You can also control them all from a single dashboard. This dashboard is not just for you to use, but all your employees as well. You can make sub-accounts for them with custom access rights within the system.
  3. Time efficiency.
    When you’re working with a single piece of software, it’s much easier to stay focused and make the best of your time. Not to mention less confusing and tedious. Also, with our software, you can assign orders to employees to push time efficiency even further.
  4. Less space for human error.
    With machines handling tasks that used to be done by you or your employees, there’s much less chance of human error. Mistakes, big or small, can cost money or clients. Not to mention the time it takes to resolve them.
  5. Reduced shipping costs.
    By default, most merchants use a single shipping carrier. While it certainly is less complicated, it cuts into your profits. However, when you’re using shipping management software it’s just as easy to use several carriers. As a result, you’ll save money by choosing the best rates for any particular order. Also, Multiorders users get the largest discount on USPS Commercial Plus shipping.
  6. Automatic stock updates.
    Whether you sell in a single marketplace or in multiple, whenever any stock changes occur, either due to a sale or you receiving additional supplies, the quantities update automatically on all accounts. This eliminates the possibility of overselling.
  7. Easy to track performance.
    The only way to know how well your business is doing is to crunch the numbers. Unless your software can do it for you. Bring up sales, shipping, warehousing reports on a whim. Also, if you’re after a more specific, custom data set - the customer support will quickly hand you the report. All you do is formulate the request.
  8. Cost efficiency.
    Software can replace the labour of a single person for the smallest of businesses. Or even better - it frees that employee up to work on more important things. For any medium or large operation - the savings are just as important.
  9. Fit for business growth.
    With all the extra time on your hands, it’s time to grow your business. Keep in mind that the service price only scales off of orders received. This is the most growth-friendly pricing model. Also, the prices themselves are incredibly low compared to competition.
  10. Stellar support.
    Whenever you run into a problem - the customer support team will always be there to help. We’ve gotten several reviews complimenting the quaity of their work.

Whenever I work with their customer support team, it really feels like they want to solve my problems, lead me the right way and do everything in their power to help. - Caleb Nguyen

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Adopting management software for your shipping logistics and tracking needs is a huge advantage. No matter which service provider you’re going to go with, you’ll definitely push your business to the next level.

However, we’d like you to try Multiorders, at the very least. You won’t even need your credit card for this, nor is there any other form of commitment. Just enjoy the two free weeks and we’re sure you’ll be thrilled to stay.

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