The Importance Of Shopify Product Bundles

The Importance Of Shopify Product Bundles Multiorders

When you are a business owner you always look for ways to increase profit and different ways to sell your goods. In this article you will find everything you need to know about the importance of Shopify product bundles. First, we will look at the definition and explanation of a product bundle and then go through the main purposes and importance of bundles.

Definition of Bundling

A product bundle is when you decide to sell several products together. The components of bundles also known as complementary products. For example, if you see that people like to buy several related products together, you can offer a product bundle. Usually these bundles will include a discount and sometimes even nicer packaging than when you’re buying them separately.

Let’s say you are selling jewelry. In your store you have a matching set of earrings, necklace and bracelet. You can make it a bundle and offer not only a discount, but also a free present to make the offer more attractive. The customer would get a necklace, earrings and a bracelet plus a ring for free or a stone or whatever you decide. The most important aspect is that all the customers are tempted by something free.

It can be useful not only for customers, but for you too.

The importance and purpose of Shopify product bundles

As we mentioned before, product bundles can be based on previous purchases of your customers. However it can be useful not only for customers, but for you too. Here are the main purposes for having a product bundle:

  • Awareness. If you have recently launched a new product, you can add it to a product bundle to increase the awareness and get more customers interested in your product. Here you can play around and offer something similar to what customers bought previously, to ensure more attention to your product.
  • Slow-stock. If you have some products that people are not buying, you can create a bundle with high performance products to help it move faster. If you are lucky, these products might even become hot ones with a lot of success.
  • Occasions. Occasions are probably one of the best ways to get customers buying. Everyone wants to make their loved one happy and try to get something useful or super nice for them. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, every business can offer something and target these people. Especially for occasions like Valentines Day or Christmas. For these celebrations you can event try to sell bundles at a higher price.
  • DIY bundles. You can allow your customers to create their own bundles. Of course the choice should be limited to the products that you want to sell. But giving a choice to the customers makes them get more involved in the buying process and also creates more self satisfaction. What can be better than something created just for you?


Unfortunately there isn’t a feature to create Shopify product bundles and track their stock natively available. However, there are very effective and efficient third-party software solutions to use for this. The best one is Multiorders. You can learn more about creating bundles on Multiorders inventory management software in this handy guide.

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