The best newsletter ideas

best newsletter ideas

Despite that newsletters are not the latest e-commerce marketing tool, it’s still one of the most beneficial ones. In these times, it is important to support and inform your customers to not be forgotten. How do you do it right? Here are five best ideas that improve your newsletters and help you perform better.


What is a newsletter?

The newsletter is one of the many e-commerce marketing tools that help you reach your customers. It is an easy way to tell about your brand, innovations, highlight products, services or give some tips and advice. The best part of it is that you instantly target the right audience! Usually, they are sent to your current customers or users who are registered on your website. It should be constantly sent as an update or a friendly reminder, which has the purpose to inform about your brand, product or services. It may include some infographics, pictures, coupons, discount codes and links. Honestly, it can be freely designed and you can add whatever you like, but all this depends on how it will affect your customers. That is why you should keep reading and use the best newsletter ideas.


Why should you consider sending newsletters?

First of all, as much as you think that newsletter is a salesperson’s weapon used to force customers to buy, it is more of a friendly wave to greet them. Any other marketing measure isn’t as polite as this one. It is because newsletters won’t force your customers to buy. They’re meant to alert your customers about short-term offers, which profoundly affect impulsive people. On the other hand, the content can be entirely educational, without any link to buying. These types of newsletters help in bonding brands with their customers. Both ways, there are some unique newsletter ideas that help you reach the best results.


The best newsletter ideas:

1. Connect with your customers

We just talked about the newsletters that don’t have the obvious selling point in them. Well eventually they sell too, and those buyers tend to be more loyal. When you have a one time offer, the impulsive buyer will follow your lead, buy the item and possibly forget about your store the minute they receive their order. What we suggest to you is to make each of your newsletters contain useful information. Of course, it could still offer or sell something but do not forget about the valuable information. It could be new tips, advice or even your brand stories. Tell people something that they want to hear and would wait for a week to get more. Educate or entertain – it depends on you, but you need to leave your footprint in their minds. For instance:

best newsletter ideas

2. Highlight the best ones

Of course, newsletters are the best place to announce the news, brand ideas, sales, or to sell what’s unsalable. Talking about the last one, it might not be your best product, but with the help of the newsletter, you can clean up your inventory from any leftovers. If you either want to clear out unpopular products from your inventory or escalate the sales of a trending item, the newsletter is still your best bet to do it. Highlight the preferred product, add a provocative discount or offer free shipping, and your customers will most likely not be able to resist.

best newsletter ideas

3. Boost your social media followers

A very simple but essential tip is to think about how your newsletter could bring you the most advantage. Does it lead your customer to the store or a specific product? That’s okay, but it isn’t enough. Get more by leading your readers to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media channel. Such a simple thing as adding buttons with the links in your newsletter is the shortest way to collect the best audience of followers. If the reader is interested in the content of your newsletter, they will be curious to check your social media profiles. Don’t miss a chance to get followers!

best newsletter ideas

4. Know customer needs

Another great advice is to use newsletters as a way to know what your customer really needs. Add a survey or questionnaire to your newsletter and get the best business ideas for free! To urge customers to fill in their answer, promise a discount or a special offer at the end. This way, you can get the solution that you need, know what kind of products or services your customers need and fix existing problems. Also, by doing this, you will show that your brand cares about the customers and sees them not only as profit-making figures. Show that you care and want to satisfy your clients more.

best newsletter ideas

5. Be prepared…

As soon as you start using these strategies, you should know that your store’s popularity might skyrocket! And there is nothing worse than being unprepared for that. Imagine a situation where you send the perfect email that draws attention to your store and entices customers to buy, only to have a bunch of out of stock products listed. Even worse, if you oversell, it will cause shipping delays and massive customer dissatisfaction. That would be a disaster! So, creating the perfect newsletter is not enough. You still need to be prepared for higher product demand. Look through your inventory, optimise your fulfilment process, or even start to use e-commerce management software. The right tool can automatically update your inventory, allow you to quickly print shipping labels, automatically add tracking numbers, connect different sales channels and more. Multiorders – the tool that does it all. If you don’t believe us, try it for free!


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