The Best Inventory Tracking System For Any Business

The Best Inventory Tracking System For Any Business Multiorders

As an ecommerce merchant, you’ve certainly had your share of headaches and costly errors managing inventory by hand. After your business builds even the slightest momentum, it becomes exponentially harder to keep up with all of the orders and everything that comes with it. In search of a solution, there is no better than an inventory tracking system.

There’s quite a few services to choose from. Comparing features and prices off a table is often not enough to formulate an opinion. To know which software would be the best fit for your business, you need to try it. However, there’s only so much time you can spare.

The point of this article is to introduce you to Multiorders to a certain degree. Meaning, just enough to know if you want to try it. This will save you time. Even if this solution doesn’t fit your expectations, you might learn about some features to look for elsewhere.

Inventory tracking system Multiorders

Inventory tracking system

Multiorders was designed to fit the majority. With exceptional focus on small- to medium-sized enterprises, all its features are available even with the basic package.

However, businesses of larger scale are not forgotten – a devoted team of developers are ready to tailor services to your business. This is just one of the many reasons we’re comfortable saying we’re one of the best inventory tracking systems out there.

Unified data feed

Data feed

As for most inventory tracking applications, we use a centralized data system. Meaning, all your information is updated automatically shortly after a change occurs. This eliminates the chances of human error within the system. All your numbers will add up correctly, consistently and without time or labour put into it.

This type of inventory tracking system also allows us to grant you features like:

  • Reports. Always have up-to-date information about your businesses health and performance. Make better-informed demand forecasts and other important decisions.
  • Team Roles. You can create sub-profiles for your employees. They’ll be able to access the inventory tracking system. You can customize their rights and limit information access within the system.
  • Low stock notifications. You can set reorder points for your items either individually or across your entire inventory at once. Whenever an item reaches that point, you’ll get notified and can issue a purchase order in just a few clicks. All the necessary information will already be there.

Etsy Integration With Shopify Multiorders


In our service, you are not limited to a number of marketplaces, shipping carriers or other integrations. Not only will this reduce barriers for business growth, but will allow you to be more playful and experimentative. Add products, enter and manage new markets with ease.

You’re also able to offer a wider variety of shipping options to your customers – that will improve your reputation. As a Multiorders customer, you also get the cheapest USPS Commercial Plus pricing plan.

Test out the inventory tracking system

Test out the inventory tracking system

To start using our inventory tracking system, there’s barely any set up. Therefore, we strongly recommend a trial. We encourage you not only to trial our services, but at least one other competitor’s as well. Just so you know what’s out there. Most of them can offer rather similar features and benefits, but at much higher prices than ours.

Finally something that is simple to use and works! – Sean Roberts

At the time of writing this article, we have thousands of happy and loyal customers. You’re more than welcome to join! If there’s anything at all our customer support team could help you with – ask 24/7.

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