SOLVED: How To Take Payments Over The Phone?

SOLVED How To Take Payments Over The Phone Multiorders

To be honest, phones are inseparable from your customers. If you are wondering why you should take payments over the phone, imagine this scenario: your customer is browsing through your store and picks up a bunch of items. Later, the customer goes to check out and ultimately can not pay using a smartphone.

As a trustworthy and successful seller, you do not want to get yourself into this situation. It will not only lose you a bunch of sales but also create a bad experience for your customer.

Mobile payment users in 2017 peaked to 721.2 million worldwide and the numbers only will continue to grow in the future. The source predicts there will be 1 billion mobile payment users worldwide in 2020.

Therefore, you should definitely integrate mobile payments to make the shopping experience even better for your customers.

What do you need to take payments over the phone?

take payments over the phone

For allowing your customers to pay using their smartphones, you should have 2 things in check: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance and a smartphone payment service provider.

  • You need to look into PCI DSS in order to cope with the fraud, which is usually related to such payment method.
  • Once you are all set up for secure payments, the next step is to choose your payment service provider. There are a bunch of platforms that offer the option of mobile payments. The most popular are Stripe, Paypal Payments Pro and Braintree.

The best way to manage payments over the phone?

take payments over the phone

Managing payments over the phone can be much easier and faster if you use cloud-based software. With Multiorders you can create an order on the spot and take your payment for it. Moreover, it lets you access your orders through your phone or computer, which is always a plus while doing business.

Therefore, if you have multiple e-commerce shops and chose Stripe as your payment service provider, check Multiorders inventory management software!

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