SOLUTION: How To Sync Ebay And WooCommerce 2019

SOLUTION How To Sync Ebay And WooCommerce 2019 Multiorders

Managing an online shop can be challenging. Whether you are running an e-commerce store such as eBay or a self-hosted platform like WooCommerce. There are plenty of competitors out there, and getting your products noticed isn’t always simple. That is why when you sync eBay and WooCommerce you benefit from both worlds.

Each one of these online marketplaces is powerful enough to be handled independently and still be highly successful. However, when you use eBay and WooCommerce together, you can draw even more attention to your products. Therefore, when you list an item on multiple sales channels simultaneously, they sell much faster and bring more profit.


How to sync eBay and WooCommerce

To sync eBay and WooCommerce simply integrate these marketplaces to Multiorders inventory management software. In order to integrate WooCommerce follow this guide. It should take no more than a couple of minutes.

WooComerce integration logo for Multiorders shipping management software

Afterwards, integrate your eBay by following this guide. You can integrate both accounts in any order. Though when integrating the second one, check the box that says “Merge products with identical SKU “. This will automatically merge your products that you sell in both stores. In other words, both your products from different platforms will be treated as one on your centralised dashboard.

Ebay integration logo for Multiorders shipping management software

When you finish the integration process you will be able to manage eBay and WooCommerce from one dashboard. Later on, you can even connect multiple additional e-commerce stores and sync them all together.

eBay and WooCommerce integration

So you have successfully synchronised eBay and WooCommerce. Now what? You can proceed to make use of the many benefits Multiorders can offer. First of all, Multiorders acts as a central hub to manage your business. It makes multichannel selling a piece of cake.

Secondly, it provides inventory and sales data. The system automatically updates and synchronizes all your data. This is incredibly useful when you want to maintain accurate stock levels and provide up-to-date pricing across all your sales channels.

Which drop-shipping, inventory management application, or software is good Multiorders

Multiorders inventory management software

There are many other useful features that would cost you a fortune anywhere else. Perhaps the most notable is product bundling. This allows you to offer your customers product sets like full outfits, jewelry sets or anything else that might sell together.

With Multiorders you can also get custom reports for your products, orders and customers. If the predefined formtas don’t suit your needs, there are custom shipping labels as well. One of the top points that makes Multiorders so attractive to sellers worldwide is multiple shipping carrier integrations to choose from. By being able to choose from a large variety of service providers, you can always be certain that you’re getting the best possible shipping rates.

One other major freedom that no one else provides for free is the ability to add unlimited users. No matter how large your team is, you can give access to them all, without having to increase your expenses at all.

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