STRATEGY: Boost Sales with Free Samples

STRATEGY Boost Sales with Free Samples Multiorders

First of all, show me a person who doesn’t like presents or other free stuff. In other words, people like when they are treated right. So, think about your customers, they have the same point of view on your customer service. The thing is that customer service is not the only thing that lets them feel special. Another strategy is to boost sales with free samples. In this article, you will find how to manage a free sample campaign and what benefits it will bring.



How do you actually boost sales with free samples


  • Complement your customer – helps you provide that red carpet treatment to your customer
  • Bigger reach – people talk when they have a good experience
  • Increased traffic – more likes, retweets, shares
  • Branding – helps stand out from your competitors
  • Reputation – boost your reputation among your customers



How does it help get a bigger reach?


One of the quickest ways to get a bigger reach is through free stuff. In other words, you can boost sales with free samples. You can attract shoppers by saying that if they purchase your goods now they will get free extra things. This tactic will definitely draw their attention and push them towards purchases. Also, if you post adds with free sample offers, there are more chances that people will go to your website. In other words, promoting free stuff helps to better communicate and attract new users. Also, it can help you avoid abandoned shopping cart situations. If a shopper selects their items and then sees an offer of free samples, it will push them into buying immediately. So, it is a great strategy to reach a bigger audience.



It will improve your branding


Did you ever hear a saying that “actions speaks louder than words”? Same goes for e-commerce branding. You can write as much as you want, but customer feedback will always speak louder. So, you have to boost sales with free samples and make your customers talk about it. In e-commerce, you can simply add them in the box of their purchase. In this manner, your customer will be pleasantly surprised while unboxing your product. Also, they might share their experience with friends or post it on a social media channel. Not to mention, that they will definitely leave a positive review. In this case, your brand will get a public image as a trustful and appreciating company.



Social Media and influencers


Another way to take advantage of free samples is by collaborating with influencers. That is one of the most effective ways to spread word about you through social media. First of all, users tend to purchase what their social connections already have bought. Talking about influencers, they have a strong power over most of their followers. So, sending free samples to them might directly affect your sales numbers. Also, you will show a nice gesture to them. Most likely, they have a bigger reach than your customers. That is why it will draw attention from the social media channels. In this manner collaborating with influencers will boost sales with free samples.




Wrong way to offer free samples


As you just read there are many benefits and strategies to boost sales with free samples. Because you might already be considering using it, we want to warn you about the wrong way to offer free samples. First “no” in this strategy is to not bother your customer. If you decided to create an additional option form for them to choose to get a free sample, it cannot be complex. Because, if you create a frustrating system your customer will run away.  Also, think carefully about who do you want to try your product. If you start adding random things to your customers, they might not understand it. You should group free samples into categories. Despite that, if you will take care of these steps, you should boost sales with free samples!


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