SOLVED: Shopify Warehouse Management Software 2019

SOLVED Shopify Warehouse Management Software 2019 Multiorders

Shopify warehouse management can get tricky when you have more than one store. Especially when you decide to expand and move to different e-commerce platforms. In most instances, the control of available stock is lost and chaos begins. To regain control you should invest in Shopify warehouse management software.

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Shopify warehouse management software 2019

Multiorders Shopify warehouse management software can handle an unlimited amount of stores. These can be not only from Shopify but from any other e-commerce platform. You can integrate all of those stores to Multiorders and manage your warehouse for all of them from one dashboard. This is incredibly useful as you can reduce errors to the minimum and clearly see all the available stock.

Merge products

When you add all your shops to Multiorders the stock synchronises automatically. This means that when you sell the same product across multiple channels, a customer can buy from any shop and your stock levels update accordingly. This happens automatically, therefore you will save a lot of time. Moreover, there will be no need to double check the stock in each shop. Multiorders does that for you.

The Importance Of Shopify Product Bundles Multiorders

Product bundles

Another common problem when managing more than one Shopify store is product bundles. Product bundles come in handy when you sell product sets with a discount. Normally, it is quite impossible to synchronise all the stock with bundles and separate products.

However, with Multiorders, it is much easier than you might think. Just create a bundle by adding all the components. Multiorders will then automatically update the stock of both the entire bundle and it’s components.

Lets say you sell products for dogs and decide to create a set from a leash, a water bowl and a treat pouch. When one of these products goes out of stock, Multiorders automatically marks this bundle as sold out, because it is now impossible to complete.

In general Multiorders is the best Shopify warehouse management software to use in 2019.

Reorder point

To avoid ever going out of stock, whether it would be for a single product or a bundle, Multiorders offers to set reorder points. A reorder point is when you set a certain number of products you need to have in order to not run out of stock until you resupply.

Whenever a product reaches the set number, it will turn red. You can also get notifications via email. Whenever you receive the notification, you can create a purchase order in time and never be out of stock again.

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