SOLVED: How To Manage Product Bundles On Amazon 2019

SOLVED How To Manage Product Bundles On Amazon 2019 Multiorders

Customers always look for more than one product. If you know their desires and manage product bundles on Amazon effectively, you can significantly increase your revenue per sale. Therefore a carefully drafted Amazon bundle can create a convenient shopping experience and benefit both you and your customer. It becomes a win-win situation. A customer gets several items they need for a cheaper price and you get more profit.

Selling product bundles on Amazon is already a great business advancement. However, it is easy to lose control and you could suffer from overselling. There are plenty of reasons for this occurrence, such as a sudden spike in sales or a human error. Therefore, you should use Multiorders and manage product bundles on Amazon quickly and with a lot of automation.

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Selling bundles on Amazon

Selling bundles on Amazon is very straightforward and can help you stand out from the competition. For instance, when you offer a bundle which no one else has, buyers looking for these products can get them faster and avoid the long search process for every item separately.

Multiorders understands the core purpose of the bundle and therefore is designed to help you sell more with minimal effort. Consequently, it is very easy to create and manage product bundles on Amazon.

You will be amazed by how much easier the management became and the amount of time you can now save.

How to create a product bundle?

You can begin creating product bundles straight after you finish the Amazon integration process. Just go to the Inventory tab and find the product which will act as the bundle. Afterwards, simply click on it and then, at the top right click the Bundle button.

A new window will open. There you can find the other components from the list. If that is not suitable then you can use the search box. It is possible to search for products by the product name or SKU.

Whenever you locate the required item click Add next to it. When you add all the products, click Bundle at the bottom right of the page. That is it, you have created your first product bundle for Amazon.

How to manage product bundles on Amazon?

Furthermore, to manage product bundles on Amazon go to the Bundled section under the Inventory tab. All the configured bundles will be there. For further configuration, you can click on the bundle and add or remove the products, adjust the price or change any other necessary detail.

In short, when you start using product bundles with Multiorders inventory management software, you will be amazed by how much easier the management became and the amount of time you can now save.

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