SOLVED: How To Export Shopify Orders To CSV

SOLVED How To Export Shopify Orders To CSV Multiorders

Running a Shopify business can bring a lot of profit, but along the way it also includes difficulties. While usually business owners tend to run into problems with inventory management, some experience situations with order control. Therefore you should have a backup plan. Your plan could simply be to export Shopify orders to a CSV file.

You could then use the exported files for safekeeping and quick access offline. Obviously, you might need to have the exported files not only for extreme reasons but also for general use. There can be plenty of reasons for that. Therefore, Multiorders order management software provides you with an easy way to export Shopify order data.

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Export Shopify orders to CSV file

This is to say, that it only takes a few clicks and you can successfully export Shopify orders to a CSV file. You can export your order data by simply going to the Orders tab in your Multiorders account and clicking on Export in the top right corner. This button comes with three options:

  • Export All. It will export all the orders that you have received while using Multiorders.
  • Export Selected. Before choosing this option you should select the necessary orders. You can choose as many as you want. They will all be exported to the CSV file.
  • Export Filtered. Before choosing this option you should filter the orders. If there are no filters applied, the button just won’t work. There is a large number of options for filtering. For example, it can be based on the order itself, item price, time of purchase, billing country and so on. It can also be based on shipping information such as shipping service, shipping date or shipping total. Also, if you use the tag system, you can filter by tags.

Once you’ve selected everything you need simply click on one of the above options and the CSV file will download. It is as simple as that.

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