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As an online business owner, you need to be seen across all of the world wide web. This leads to selling and having listings on multiple marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. Thus reaching your audience wherever they might be. However, it might be hard to do without using eBay stock management software.

By the end of 2018 eBay has gained 179 million active users. This makes it a great place to meet your current, returning and potential customers. With this in mind, you should already be selling on eBay by now.

However, for you to be successful it is not enough just to own several stores. You must have a powerful business strategy, focus and a well functioning eBay stock management software. Otherwise, your valuable business may remain valuable only to you. Fortunately, Multiorders is here to help.

The primary benefit of using eBay stock management software is that you can avoid overselling with automatic inventory updates.

eBay stock management software

In a case where your stock is not properly handled, it can lead to numerous errors no matter how many and which e-commerce sales channels you use. Therefore, this can cause lost money, poor customer satisfaction rate and in the worst case scenario – a failure.

Luckily, you can bypass these problems by just using Multiorders eBay stock management software. Multiorders will ensure that your stock on eBay and all the other sales channels is properly managed. Besides, when you use this amazing software you will notice how quickly your business will start booming.

Automatic inventory updates

The primary benefit of using eBay stock management software is that you can avoid overselling with automatic inventory updates. Multiorders will ensure that your stock levels get constant updates. Including every time when a customer makes a purchase on eBay or any other sales channel that you have integrated to Multiorders.

This is so efficient because Multiorders software synchronises all of your marketplaces and e-commerce stores. Only with this software you can stay confident and steer clear from chances of overselling or even eBay suspension.

TOP Shipping Carriers for Online Orders in UK Multiorders

The fastest shipping process guaranteed

To continue, you can print shipping labels and invoices in just a few seconds. Even more, you can print and reprint labels and invoices in bulk. The same applies to other important documents such as return forms, packing lists and delivery notes. Additionally, you can edit the document templates and add or remove certain information.

Moreover, you can select any major shipping carrier from across the globe. Multiorders closely collaborates with all the most desired companys like DPD, FedEx, USPS and Royal Mail. Therefore, you could send every parcel with a separate carrier if that is what you want.

When you mark an item as shipped, Multiorders will automatically add a tracking number and notify your customer. When you automate the shipping process with eBay stock management software you save money and time.

Product bundles

Multiorders software offers product bundling, which can come in handy for efficient and well-organised stock management. A product bundle is when you add several products to one listing. This feature can lead to faster product realisation. Especially when you bundle high-demand items with less popular products.

The best eBay stock management software makes sure that your stock gets updated after you sell each bundle. For instance, you have a bundle of a joystick, cable and batteries. Multiorders updates separate listings and the bundled listings. Therefore, if you run out of these particular batteries, your bundle will become sold out.

Bundled products also help you save money on eBay listing fees. Simply because you sell multiple products in one listing. Besides, when you sell bundles on eBay your products get more visibility and can increase your sales.

Multichannel Management Software Multiple marketplace integration Multiorders

Multiple sales channel synchronisation

Lets say you decided that it is time for business growth and expand to a new marketplace or e-commerce platform. You can easily integrate that store to Multiorders and still manage all of your stock from one dashboard. Multiorders supports major marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy and many more.

Together with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and OpenCart. No matter the number of stores you integrate, all the stock is synchronised. Even more, you will have collated sales orders from all the sales channels. All of this is happening within Multiorders centralised multi-channel stock management software.

Follow up

Even though Multiorders provides various reports and sales analysis, you should follow up with your customers. This adds a little bit more trust and personal satisfaction as everyone likes attention. By following up you can receive the feedback on your products and delivery services.

If something went wrong in the process, your customer will have a chance to let you know and you will have a chance to fix the relationship. This will lead to maintaining happy customers and a more profitable business.

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