SOLVED: Ebay Stock Control System

SOLVED eBay Stock Control System Multiorders

Now that you’ve had some success with your ebay business, you probably spend way too much time catching up to it. Fulfilling orders, keeping your eBay stock up to date and such. More time is necessary to expand your business by looking for new products and coming up with marketing strategies. Not to mention having a few extra ticks and tocks to unwind.

A dozen of bionic helping hands

Even the most meticulous of us fall short to automated solutions. So, un-hunch from that excel sheet for just a moment and you might never have to get back to it again. Here’s how using software changes your daily eBay stock management.

eBay stock control

The thrill of making a sale is followed by the tedious, repetitive process of creating a shipping label, adjusting stock numbers and mustering up the courage to not double-check for errors. The added convenience of software leaves you with nothing to do but stick the label on the box.

Keeping a healthy level of stock without having to check up on it, much like your facebook feed, is an art form itself. Also, better have those purchase orders ready to go for when you’ll need them! With software, such as Multiorders, all you do is wait for a notification that your eBay stock is low. You then just place the order with a single click.


Now, with all that menial labour exchanged for free time, it’s important to put it to good use. If you ever consider to expand past eBay, it’s worth noting, that the aforementioned software can sync your existing products and all hard work you’ve put in. Meaning, your conquest overseas is merely a walk in the park.

You’ve already tamed technology by getting into online business, might as well get the best of it. Automate all you can with the help of programs built to solve these problems and spare yourself the hassle.

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