SOLVED: Best Shopify Reports 2019

Every business owner wants to track their progress and stay on top of the game. However sometimes, especially if you are the only one dealing with all the business processes, it can be hard to keep track of everything. This is why you should use Multiorders.

It can help you generate comprehensible Shopify reports. Because of this, you can optimize various processes and you can save a large amount of time. When you have more time, you can focus on how to improve your business to bring even more profit.

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Best Shopify reports

When you start using the best Shopify reports management software you will be very surprised with the variety of services it can offer. Shopify reports are only a small part of it. After you finish shipping all of your orders, you can take a look at the reports available for you. First go to your Dashboard where you will see the basic information to get you started.

There you can find information on your total orders, top products, top customers, top cities and countries, inventory stock and even purchases made by the hour. All the basic information you need to see the general picture of what and where you are selling.

However, if you wish to get into more detail, you need to go to the Reports section. There you will find multiple Shopify reports: Shopify inventory report, Shopify sales report, top products by turnover or quantity and many others.

The reports are updated regularly, therefore you will always see the newest and most relevant information provided to you. The automatically generated Shopify reports can be downloaded in a spreadsheet.

Custom reports available

Multiorders even has custom reports available. To get customized Shopify reports you will need to click on Request Custom Report and fill in the details with your requirements. These reports will be implemented as soon as possible, but may take up to two weeks. With Multiorders, you can generate reports, use predefined reports or generate reports for a specific period.

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