Whether you're just looking to get in business with Vend, or already are, they’re one of the leading POS software developers. You’re probably aware how well rounded their services are for all needs of a physical store. With Vend it’s easy making sales, managing your Vend stock, tracking performance and whatnot.

Looking for more from your Vend stock

Although Vend functionality will suffice for some of us, those ahead of the game know that they need to put their goods on the internet. Nowadays, there’s little chance to succeed as a brand or retailer if you’ve got no products on the web.

Uploading your Vend stock, including product information and such used to be daunting for a reason. However, these days there’s little technology won’t solve for you.

Reach for your audience

Every online seller that already learned the ropes will tell you that one sales channel is not enough - you need to broaden the net you throw to start raking in serious profit.

That’s where intermediary solutions come in - a single interface that connects all your sales channels, including Vend. Manage multiple sales channels with ease. A great example of such software would be Multiorders.

You’ve already done the hard part of starting up. There’s virtually no reason to hold your goods back from potential customers everywhere. There are plenty of channels to work with, mostly dependant on the type of goods you sell or produce:

  • Amazon, best to sell standardized goods, electronics and books on;
  • Etsy, designed around crafted and unique goods;
  • eBay, great for goods you’d like to auction off.

Pick the ones that fit the categories of your goods. Afterwards, upload your products onto the new platform. Product stock will be automatically updated cross-platform to avoid overselling. Your Vend stock is also visible on other platforms with the same amount of time spent on upkeep.

Potential sales await

While most intermediary software companies charge big bucks for their features, Multiorders is likely to blow up given their price.

Goda Jurgaityte
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