SOLUTION: Shopify Stock Management Software 2019

SOLUTION Shopify Stock Management Software 2019 Multiorders

Every e-commerce business owner has concerns about managing their stock. It is very important to find a suitable way to track and update the stock. One such way can be Multiorders Shopify stock management software.

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In a case where there are too many products to sell, you might suffer a loss because the item can go out of season and the leftovers will have to be sold cheaper than expected. However, if there is too little stock, then customers won’t be able to buy this item and once again you will miss out on potential revenue. Multiorders helps you significantly reduce the risk of these situations.

Only by always being aware of the available amount of stock, you can adjust the levels according to the demand and update it as necessary. It is mission impossible unless you use Multiorders, the best Shopify stock management software for 2019. This software acts as a crucial mean to avoid overselling or running out of stock unexpectedly.

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Update stock levels for multiple platforms

One of the key features that Multiorders offers is automatic stock updates for multiple platforms. Suppose you own five different stores on five different platforms. Such as eBay, Shopify, Amazon, Etsy and WooCommerce. By integrating all of these shops to Multiorders you will allow yourself to update stock levels for all of those platforms automatically.

Lets say you sell the same products in all of your shops. These products will be merged together and will appear as a single item in Multiorders. It means that when a customer buys from any of those shops, the number of stock updates accordingly.

Only by always being aware of the available amount of stock, you can adjust the levels according to the demand and update it as necessary.

However, for this feature to work, the product SKU’s must match. Otherwise, it is possible to merge products manually, but it may take a while since you will have to merge products one by one. Whereas if product SKU’s match , you can merge them with one click.

SOLUTION How To Manage Product Bundles In Shopify Multiorders

Product bundles

When the products are merged and all the stock updates automatically, the next step is to create product bundles. The majority of businesses are offering some kind of product sets in their stores. That makes it even harder to follow the amount of available stock. Multiorders Shopify stock management software is here to help.

When you add product bundles to Multiorders, it will automatically update stock levels of the product bundle and its components. Let’s say you sell flowers. For example, roses, tulips and orchids as separate products. Then you decide to make a nice bouquet from different numbers of each of these three flowers. Multiorders will automatically show you the available amount of bouquets based on the stock of each flower.

When roses are out of stock, the bundle will also be shown as out of stock as there won’t be all the necessary flowers to fulfil the order. When this happens you can still sell the other two flowers. The bouquet will automatically come back in stock once you receive more roses.

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Low stock alerts

To avoid ever stopping to sell a product, Multiorders offers another feature. It allows receiving low stock alerts. You can even set a reorder point and get an alert when the available stock reaches a certain point. With a process like this, you will never run out of stock and will be able to create a purchase order in time.

Purchase orders

When you receive a notification about stock running low, you can quickly create a purchase order and avoid unnecessary delays. For example, if you set your reorder point at 7 items, then you know that by the time a supplier sends more goods this amount will suffice.

After the supplier sends the goods and you check the numbers, you can add the new arrivals to your stock automatically. Just click on goods received, check if the numbers are correct and that is it. The stock is up to date and there is no need for constant double checking.

Best Shopify stock management software for 2019

Multiorders can offer a lot of ways to distinguish your business from others and help you move forward faster. With better inventory and product management processes you have more chances to grow and increase your profitability.

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