SOLUTION: Shopify Stock Control Management Software

SOLUTION Shopify Stock Control Management Software Multiorders

Shopify stock control can get overwhelming when you own more than one store. Especially, if these stores are on different e-commerce platforms. To avoid errors you should use Multiorders Shopify stock control management software. It is designed to suit all the needs of multiple online business owners.

Multiorders offers various features such as automatic product import and live data management. Most importantly, with Multiorders you can restock products and track sales across multiple e-commerce channels and all of that happens in one dashboard.

Throughout this article, we will introduce you with the main features such as product import, automatic updates, purchase orders, product bundles and many more.

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Product import

Let’s begin with product import. There are various options to import inventory to Multiorders. The most convenient one, which works automatically, is store integration. Whenever you integrate a new Shopify or any other sales channel, the product import happens automatically.

To put it in a simple way, with Multiorders all the stock that you currently have imports automatically and you do not need to take additional actions. To make it even better, there is a possibility to create products manually, in case there is something special required by the customer.

Also, you can import products as a CSV file. In this case, it must be formed according to Multiorders software requirements. You can easily access the requirements and example spreadsheets by exporting any chosen product.

You can try out Multiorders for free and you will be stunned with how much you were missing out on in the stock management department.

Auto update

Furthermore, you can automatically update stock levels for different platforms. To clarify this point, let’s say you have three different sales channels like Amazon, Shopify and Etsy integrated to Multiorders. You sell the same items in all of those and a customer buys one product from Amazon. It means that all other channels update automatically and the available stock reduces accordingly.

In short, with Multiorders Shopify stock control management software you do not need to constantly check if the available stock in all the stores matches with the real inventory. Multiorders does this for you and the process saves a lot of time.

Purchase orders

In addition, the exact same thing happens when using purchase orders. When your stock drops to a reorder point, you can immediately create a purchase order. A reorder point means that you set a particular number which indicates that it is time to order more stock.

For instance, you chose a 9. Whenever your stock drops to only 9 items available, Multiorders will show a notification to alert you about the stock running low. When you receive the ordered goods, you can add the stock to all your e-commerce platforms with only one click.

Product bundles

Moreover, with Multiorders, it is possible to create product bundles. Also known as product kits. A product bundle is very useful when you sell sets. For example, you sell menswear. After conducting research you saw that customers tend to buy a couple of different underwear together. Therefore you create a set of underwear and sell it with a discount.

Then in Multiorders, you create a bundle to control the stock of each item separately and relate them together. In other words, bundle takes into consideration separate items and if one goes out of stock, then the bundle becomes out of stock too. Without this feature, sellers tend to oversell and have to deal with plenty of unhappy customers because of that.

Filter products

Multiorders Shopify stock control management software offers plenty of other useful features for business. The last, but not least is product filter. In your stock dashboard, you can filter products by reorder point, quantity, SKU, category and many other. This filter option allows you to easily find the necessary products or quickly check the total available amount.

With Shopify stock control management software you will reduce errors to the minimum and will be able to increase effectiveness. You can try out Multiorders for free and you will be stunned with how much you were missing out on in the stock management department.

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