SOLUTION: Shopify And Fedex Integration

SOLUTION Shopify And Fedex Integration Multiorders

Every Shopify business needs a successful courier service to help them make more profit. The faster the delivery the happier the customer. Therefore you should find a way to create a Shopify and FedEx integration.

The best option available is to use Multiorders shipping management software. It helps simplify the shipping process and allows to use an unlimited amount of couriers from around the world.

Fast label printing

When you create Shopify and FedEx integration you will have the opportunity to print shipping labels in a few clicks.

Even more, Multiorders has a feature where you can choose a different format and design your own shipping labels. Also, it is possible to create customised ones, if none of the default ones are suitable.

Shopify and FedEx integration can help you save money, simplify the process and reassure the customers.

In addition, together with the label, you can print an invoice, delivery note, picking list and return form. Most importantly, you can perform these actions in a few clicks and reprint all the documents an unlimited amount of times.

Shipping presets

Furthermore, Multiorders has recognised the need to fill the shipping details as fast as possible and in a hassle free way. As a result, to accelerate your shipping process even more, you can create shipping presets.

A shipping preset is where you create your package measurements according to your standard package weight, size etc.

In other words, when you receive an order you don’t need to manually fill in the package details. Now you just choose the needed preset and that is it.

Why FedEx

In addition, Shopify and FedEx integration can help you save money, simplify the process and reassure the customers. All of this happens, because you can provide tracking numbers, money-back guarantee and proof of delivery.

In partnership with FedEx, you will always know where your delivery is and whether it was delivered in time. If not, FedEx offers a money back guarantee. Obviously, you can’t lose in this situation.

All in all, you can try out Multiorders shipping management software for free. As a result, you will not want to use other software anymore. Go ahead, try and see it with your own eyes.

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