SOLUTION: Royal Mail Shipping Management For Ebay Sellers 2019

Royal Mail is the top shipping provider in the UK. It performs the majority of letter and parcel deliveries that come from the UK. It also has a subsidiary called Parcelforce, which handles worldwide shipments. Therefore, implementing a solution that provides you with Royal Mail shipping management for eBay sellers can increase your chances to ship parcels in one piece and on time.

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Why Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the perfect partner for eBay sellers for various reasons. First of all, it helps you deliver goods to your customer quickly, cost-effectively and of course efficiently. This leads to a top-rated seller status for you. By providing excellent services, Royal Mail ensures that you can offer your customers peace of mind.

The fact that they live up to their promises is easily proven by independent research made by Hall & Partners. It revealed that 75% of e-commerce customers would prefer to buy again from the same retailer if Royal Mail delivers their goods. That is invincible proof of how qualified they are for the job.

Secondly, Royal Mail offers flexibility that so many online shoppers desire. When you have the possibility to choose, your online shopping experience becomes way more convenient. If your eBay customer wants to receive their delivery ASAP, Royal Mail can do it. If your customer wants a tracked, insured or even a signature requiring delivery, they have it all.

What Royal Mail has to offer

Here are the main choices for Royal Mail shipping:

  • 1st Class mail is for next day delivery, whereas 2nd Class mail can be delivered in three working days. Both of these options also offer the Signed For service.
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed is for the next day delivery before either 9 am or 1 pm. It includes online tracking for you to be up to date on the parcel’s whereabouts.
  • Royal Mail Tracked 24 is for 24-hour delivery as the name suggests. Together with Royal Mail Tracked 48 (delivered in 48 hours), these options provide an opportunity to ship with a signature required on delivery and SMS/email notification.
  • Royal Mail 24 is designed as a cost-effective offer for sellers who send at least 1,000 parcels, up to 2kg, per year, per site.
  • Sameday is for sellers who need a guaranteed or urgent delivery on the same day. It also includes collection, which you can book within an hour.
  • International products offer delivery for any overseas customers together with signature on delivery.

Even more, Royal Mail offers various solutions for returns. As a result, you can quickly provide product returns, which may increase your customers trust. Royal Mail is your partner with speed, choice and extensive network.

Connect and manage Multiple-Ebay-accounts to Multiorders - Ebay shipping management software

Royal Mail shipping management for eBay sellers

When your orders constantly flow, you may experience difficulties handling them. Therefore, the shipping process can take up most of your valuable time, and you won’t be able to grow your business. To avoid this, you should start using Multiorders. Our software provides Royal Mail shipping management for eBay sellers along with many other useful features.

Multiorders is a shipping management software created to ease your day-to-day tasks and automate the shipping process. You can integrate your Royal Mail account with any other carrier accounts that you may have. Then you can ship your goods with Royal Mail, DPD UK, UPS or whichever you choose to.

Moreover, you can print Royal Mail shipping labels in only a few clicks. This means that you no longer need to copy and paste your customer details one at a time. Three simple steps and your shipping label is ready to go. Just Select OrderSelect CarrierPrint Label.

You will save an enormous amount of time and make room for business growth

Even though it already seems super easy, it can be even more comfortable! With Multiorders you can create shipping presets. These are predefined forms that include package measurements and the carrier selection. For example, you select that the carrier will be Royal Mail, package measurements will be 6 x 4 x 6 inches, weight – 10 lbs. Having the measures prepared in advance means that whenever you need to send a package that fits your preset, you can shorten the label printing process even more. Besides, you can have as many presets as you wish.

That is not all. There is one more benefit that you get while using our software for Royal Mail shipping management for eBay sellers. Multiorders automatically updates orders with Royal Mail tracking codes. Right here, you will save an enormous amount of time and make room for business growth.

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