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SOLUTION Inventory Software For eBay Multiorders

You’ve been selling goods on the internet and business grew enough to adopt an inventory software for your eBay store. Let’s take a look at how inventory management software can improve your business, not to mention eBay sales.

Before we go any further, keep in mind – the best way to evaluate software is to try it. Most service providers have free trial programmes. People often trial after deciding on a provider, which is ill-advised.

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Core features of inventory software for eBay

Basically, inventory software automates most of what you regularly do as an eBay seller:

  • Stock control. Keeping a healthy level of inventory is now a matter of a few clicks. This is possible through reorder point automation! Also, inventory numbers automatically update whenever you make a sale or receive goods from your suppliers. Meaning, your stock will always be accurate and free of human error.
  • Order management. The process between receiving an order and shipping it out is nearly instantaneous. All you really have to do is pick a shipping carrier from a list and physically prepare the package. This includes ready-to-print labels and automates all copy-and-paste tasks.

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Useful tools to grow business

Using inventory software for eBay presents you with a lot of extra time. To make sure this time doesn’t go to waste, our software also has tools to grow your business.

One of the tools is an array of reports. You’re able to generate reports on a set timeframe of how your business is doing. Be it to compare how different products are doing, overall performance or any other measure. This is critical to making informed business decisions that will net you a profit rather than a loss.

The other feature is multi-channel support. It’s viable to use inventory software just for eBay, but not recommended. You now own a powerful tool that can maintain an organized inventory throughout multiple sales channels.

Meaning, if you put your goods on Amazon, Etsy or any other channel in addition to eBay – your sales volumes are bound to increase. Consequently, this will boost your profits.

If you’ve grown a need to start a brand – you can also host your own shopping website. These shopping cart services integrate into inventory management software just as well as marketplaces do.

Also, consider spending the new-found free time to research for new products you’d like to sell.

There is almost no limit to what you can sell if you are able to sell it effectively – Max Godin


Multiorders, inventory software for eBay

As we mentioned in the beginning, to accurately evaluate if something fits you – a trial is crucial. Conveniently, Multiorders is free for 14 days. No credit card or any form of commitment is expected.

To start using our inventory software for eBay, all you need is to create an account and connect it to your eBay profile – it’s quick and easy. Multiorders pricing, by the way, is a fraction of the market average. However, don’t burden yourself with prices just yet – see if you like it first!

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