SOLUTION: How To Manage Orders Online?

SOLUTION How To Manage Orders Online Multiorders

Nowadays, e-commerce looks like a really promising business opportunity. More and more people decide to try this shopping method while browsing the internet. According to recent statistics, more than 80% of the online population have already tried to purchase online. Because of this fact, the opportunity of becoming an online seller looks extremely attractive. However, no matter how good this might look, e-commerce as a business, is very complicated. Since actually going into exact details would need an entire book, in this article we will look into one part – how to manage orders online.

More than 80% of the online population have already tried to purchase online

Different sales channels

Before you start searching for the right solution to manage orders online, you should understand that it depends on the sales channel you choose.

Based on whether you decided to sell on your own online store or create an eBay account, there will be a slight difference in your order fulfilment process. Unless you choose an option that will combine all different selling ways in a single system.

Usually, new businesses start with one sales channel. However, you should think about the possibility of expanding your business in the future. The expansion will most likely include more e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

Therefore the solution you choose to manage your business, should not be limited to one platform. It should also include features for multichannel management.

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How to manage orders online?

As mentioned before, you need to find a management solution that will suit your needs even when your business expands. The most convenient and cost-effective way to do it is by using order management software. The system you choose should be able to do all the fulfilment steps for you.

Our solution – Multiorders, is capable of connecting different sales channels, accounting, marketing and shipping management into a single consolidated system. The system allows you to fulfil any of your orders with just a few clicks.

Once you receive an order, simply choose your shipping carrier and click on their logo. Then, you can print labels in seconds and Multiorders will automatically add tracking numbers, order status and auto-update your stock levels.

With the right software, all you need for order fulfilment is to choose a shipping carrier

We are offering you a solution that will manage orders online for you. Multiorders software is cloud-based, which means that you can connect to it from any device. Simply ship your orders through Multiorders, and leave all the other fulfilment steps to us.

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