Usually, e-commerce looks like a great opportunity to run your own business. Basically, you need only a few things - products, a place to store them and a way to ship your goods. On the other hand, if you choose one specific sales channel this list of essentials can be reduced to one thing - products. We are talking about the Amazon marketplace, that can provide you with both - a warehouse and a shipping solution. This solution is called fulfillement by Amazon (FBA), and in this article, we will explain how to manage FBA shipment.

manage FBA shipment

Why should you use Amazon FBA?

Amazon is one of the most popular sales channels, which each year attracts more and more customers. Not to mention, that selling there means you are able to reach all that audience if you use the right tools.

  • Amazon Prime. This feature is one of the most inviting, because customers love to have the "two day shipping" option. All Amazon FBA users automatically get Prime, which means that all your buyers will see that you provide fast shipping. As a result, your sales should increase, because Amazon Prime usually attracts more customers.
  • Professional services. Amazon provides FBA users with better customer service. In other words, your customers will be able to contact Amazon customer support via phone or email, anytime, day or night. They will also take full responsibility for shipping.
  • Eliminate time draining tasks. Basically, when you start using Amazon FBA, you eliminate most of the order management. It automatically updates your stock levels and ships your order.
Amazon FBA means that you will have access to Amazon Prime customers

How to manage FBA shipment?

When you choose to use Amazon FBA, they assure you that they will pick, ship and deliver your product. Basically, this feature takes care of all your order management, so there are very little tasks for you to manage FBA shipment. It takes care of customer service, shipping, delivery, auto-updates stock lists, provides you with a warehouse and packaging.
If you would like to automate your business even more, you should use an additional solution, that would fully automate not only your shipping but also inventory and order management.

For instance, Multiorders integrates with Amazon and provides you with the option to use Amazon FBA as a shipping method. When you connect your marketplace and receive an order, simply ship it with Amazon FBA. That way, the system will automatically update your shipping status, tracking numbers and inventory levels. Also, you can manage your inventory in Multiorders and your modifications will show up in your Amazon store.

Basically, when you use Amazon FBA and Multiorders, your order fulfilment takes seconds and this automation allows you to spend your time on improving your business, by eliminating all the possible time consuming tasks and human errors.

Goda Jurgaityte
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