SOLUTION: How To Get The Best Amazon Ratings?

SOLUTION How To Get The Best Amazon Ratings Multiorders

Amazon is as much a community as it is a marketplace. Sales are highly driven by your Amazon ratings. That’s because reputable seller’s products are shown first in product searches. We’ll provide you with the fundamentals to get Amazon ratings quicker and grow your business faster than usual.

Don't just wait for Amazon ratings

Don’t just wait for Amazon ratings

A common mistake is to wait. While voluntary feedback comes from time to time, it’s highly unlikely you’ll make it in the business if you don’t encourage feedback. Of course, the nudge should be as subtle as possible.

You can either apply existing strategies or get creative. We recommend you to check out this guide. One example strategy would be to email customers right after they receive your product, thanking them and asking for a review. Highly effective.

Social proof is some powerful stuff, and the more proof you have, the more potent it becomes. An item rated as 4.5 stars reviewed by 10 people won’t sell as well as an item rated as 4 stars reviewed by 300 people. More reviews look better, are more convincing. – Megan Marrs

In that guide you’ll find several ways to turn your time and effort into Amazon ratings. However, you’d be better off finishing this article beforehand.
Make time for Amazon ratings

Make time for Amazon ratings

Gathering feedback is a time-consuming activity. Therefore, you’ll need a lot of time to set it up. If you’re not already using inventory management software – this is how you’ll get the time you need.

Inventory management software, namely Multiorders, is a powerful collection of tools to streamline your business. It automates virtually every process except for physically handling, packing and shipping the goods. Other than that, you’ll barely spend a minute maintaining your business and managing orders.

You’re welcome to skim through the full rundown of the features. Keep in mind that every Multiorders user has access to all of the features. None of them are exclusive to higher priced packages.

Consider Amazon's FBA

Consider Amazon FBA

If you’re serious about becoming an Amazon merchant, we advise you to use Amazon’s FBA service. It’s basically a storage facility that will handle, pack and ship your goods for you. Paired with Multiorders (which, by the way, integrates seamlessly with FBA) you’ll fully automate your business. Leaving you with nothing but time to focus on growth rather than upkeep.

If you’re unsure about this service, consider that over 66% of Amazon’s top 10 000 sellers use FBA. Here’s an in-depth guide on FBA. Of course, these services will cost extra, but the growing returns will outscale the costs fairly quickly. This is how FBA indirectly boosts your Amazon ratings. But that’s not all.

FBA has an incredibly sophisticated infrastructure. Meaning, your products will always reach customers in mint condition, not to mention the very timely manner. This is a huge advantage. One, that could get you positive feedback by itself. But when you pair it with a conscious effort, that’s when those Amazon ratings start pouring in.

Get The Best Amazon Ratings


Amazon ratings are hard to get until they aren’t. With proper inventory management software you’ll have the time to work on getting feedback. To bring it to the next level, you’ll need Amazon’s FBA. This setup will inevitably grow your business up to and beyond your expectations.

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