SOLUTION: How To Export Etsy Inventory 2019

SOLUTION How To Export Etsy Inventory 2019 Multiorders

Etsy is an e-commerce website created for customers who love vintage and handmade products. Even though you can also find factory manufactured unique goods, Etsy is the best marketplace for artsy people. Back in 2014 it already had 1.4 million sellers. Now that is quite a huge number to process. Moreover, you can buy almost anything on Etsy, but as a seller, you need to find a way to attract more customers. When you finally achieve this, your growing business increases the stock numbers. Therefore you face a problem with inventory management. Especially if you need to export Etsy inventory.

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How to export Etsy inventory

Multiorders is the best solution for every inventory related issue. As an owner of a Multiorders account, you should already know it. Thus, now you need to use the software to the fullest, which means, utilising the ability to export Etsy inventory via a CSV file.

For example, Etsy inventory export can help you manage remaining stock in the warehouse or while you are offline. Also, an exported CSV file of your Etsy inventory is perfect for safekeeping and sharing with other employees.

With Multiorders it is very easy to download an Etsy spreadsheet and use it for any purpose you deem necessary. When you want to export Etsy inventory from Multiorders you have a few different options:

  • Export all – it means that you will export the whole Etsy inventory in one CSV file.
  • Export selected – in this case you first need to select the necessary items in the inventory list. Afterwards click the button.
  • Export filtered – here you need to filter the inventory before you click the button. You can find the filter on the left-hand side. Filters can include price, supplier, SKU and many more. You can even save the filters and use them later.

Best Inventory Management Software 2019 Multiorders

The best inventory management software

Inventory management in e-commerce business world gets trickier with every additional advancement. Therefore, business owners use Multiorders inventory management software. It helps not only to manage your inventory but also allows you to automate many other processes. As a result, you can save time and forget about manual labor.

For instance, you can merge products from different sales channels using the same SKU’s. Obviously, you can export Etsy inventory to a CSV file as well. Moreover, you can create product bundles which especially helps you effectively track inventory when selling products in sets.

In other words, when you sell bundled products, your inventory will automatically update for a bundle and for separate items. As a result, you can reduce the risk of overselling to a minimum.

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