SOLUTION: How To Control Your Stock Online?

SOLUTION How To Control Your Stock Online Multiorders

When it comes to managing the stock of your ecommerce business online – there’s nothing nearly as useful as inventory management software.

Such software is commonplace between seasoned merchants with businesses of any scale, but is not as prevalent between inexperienced merchants. That’s unfortunate, because that’s where software could make the biggest difference.

We’d like to share some common misconceptions that merchants, who don’t use software, fall prey to.

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Only big companies use software to control stock online

Managing inventory grows in complexity along with the business. However, even the smallest merchants have accounting, stock control, purchase order, shipping and labeling duties.

Without software or extreme amounts of labour and attention (to steer clear of errors), it can and most certainly will get out of hand very quickly. Even for the smallest of ecommerce businesses. Managing your stock online keeps all separate data files in line with one another automatically saving a great deal of time.

It’s too expensive

Managing your stock online is expensive

The early days of such software are history and so are the high prices. The number of professional programmers grew, so did the number of competitors offering similar services. These circumstances drove the price of these cloud-based solutions down dramatically.

Make no mistake about it – some big software developers who were early to the game still have high prices. But you’re better off partnering with young companies, because:

  • Often, they’ve used the software of those big companies and came up with an improved, distilled version of their own (the case of Multiorders);
  • Their software is built on more modern platforms, for newer systems. This makes their services run smoother. It also translates to higher stability (very important!). Basically, it’s more up-to-date all the way to the core. That might make a huge difference later, when the old infrastructure runs into up-and-coming features that it simply cannot support. This forces their customers to miss out on valuable features or move their business elsewhere. Moving, of course, can be a complex and demanding undertaking time-wise. Also, moving resets any loyalty bonuses you might have earned;
  • It’s much cheaper. Compared to some competitors, Multiorders can offer a price that’s roughly up to 15 times cheaper. Yes, for similar benefits and limitations managing stock online.

Therefore, managing stock online is expensive by choice, not by default. There are even free solutions, but they’re often passion projects developed mainly for portfolio purposes, with limited benefits.

Also, many software providers scale their prices along with your business, rendering this misconception based on nothing.

Customer’s specifics

It’s complicated

Nothing is more complicated than doing things yourself. Multiorders puts ease of use as a top priority within their services. A well-trained team of developers and designers make sure the user experience is always crisp and based on human intuition.

Take a look at the list of features and you’ll quickly learn how easy it actually is.

Multiorders has a 14-day commitment-free trial. No credit card required.


Software built for managing stock online is pretty much a necessity for a business of any size. Ecommerce merchants who experience growth do so because they have the time required.

This time is accrued from automating a great deal of daily tasks through the use of software. When chosen correctly, the forementioned software is rather cheap and easy to use.

If you’re someone who runs an ecommerce business and still doesn’t manage stock online, do yourself and your business a favour and consider the option.

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