The best stock control software for 2019 is Multiorders. It will not only help you control your stock levels, but will also improve your business profitability and will provide multiple insights to your business.

No more double checking or stressing about the wrong available stock numbers

Update stock levels

With Multiorders you can easily update stock levels from any amount of stores that you may own. For example, if you have a Shopify store, an Ebay store, an Amazon store and any other, it will help you put all of your stock in one dashboard. It is especially helpful if you sell the same products on different channels.

In this case when you integrate all of your stores, you can merge products with the same SKU’s together. Whenever a customer buys one product, your stock levels will be automatically updated in all of your shops.

It means no more double checking or stressing about the wrong available stock numbers. Everything will be done automatically and with no errors.

Product bundles

If you ever sell sets of products as a cheaper alternative you will be happy with this feature. You can have an unlimited number of product bundles and it will help you control your stock and avoid overselling.

For example, if you sell black, white and grey men’s trousers as separate products, you can offer all three of them together as a set. Your customers may get those three trousers cheaper than when buying separately. When you add this bundle to your Multiorders inventory, it will automatically change to sold out if you run out of one of the needed trousers.

It means that if you have no more white trousers, your bundle will become unavailable to customers for buying, because you do not have enough stock to complete this order.

The software will show an alert which says that you are running low on stock

Low stock alerts

When you adjust all the settings in Multiorders, you can set a global reorder point. When your stock levels drop to that number, the software will show an alert which says that you are running low on stock.

You can even chose to receive notifications via email if stock for a product runs low.  When you receive the notification you can create purchase orders and never run out of stock. Also when you receive the goods you can automatically update your inventory.

Other ways to control stock levels

Multiorders has a stock log, where you can see what, when and where you sell. Basically you have all the history of your products at your disposal and can use this information to control stock levels, plan future purchases and discounts.

You can also export or import products via .CSV file and even create new ones manually. If you need to make a note about a product for future reference, you can do it on Multiorders with each product.

Even more, you can sort out your inventory by using tags. And last, but not least, you can filter your products by SKU, name, marketplace or any other specification.

When you get on board with Multiorders you will never want to leave and together with all the great features you will receive great support and unlimited opportunities to help your business move forward.

Goda Jurgaityte
Goda Jurgaityte |

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