SOLUTION: How To Bundle Products In WooCommerce?

SOLUTION How To Bundle Products In WooCommerce Multiorders

As an e-commerce seller, you have to think of new ways to appeal to your customer. The ability to bundle products in WooCommerce is perfect for that. By offering unique bundle options for your customers you can simplify their shopping experience and have a huge return value to your business.

This will give your customers the freedom to choose multiple items at a slightly reduced price. Also, it will encourage them to add more products to their carts, that maybe they were not sure about buying.

In turn, this will increase your sales, total revenue, and inventory turnover. Your customers will also be happy that they got a deal and might come back to your store looking for more.

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Perks Of Product Bundles In WooCommerce

Product bundling is a new way to not only increase your sales, but also offer unique options to your customers. It is the perfect way to create product packages, assemble goods and even attach items to existing ones.

Moreover, with product bundles in WooCommerce, you can offer bulk discount combos. This will definitely look appealing to your customer since they will only gain from the offer. It is a win-win situation!

A faster way to bundle products in WooCommerce

With Multiorders inventory management software you can easily bundle products and even automate inventory management.

With Multiorders you can manage multiple shops and use different shipping carriers at once!

Bundling products is particularly easy to do with Multiorders. The software allows you to bundle products from different sales channels. This feature is especially useful if you have multiple e-commerce shops or trade in various marketplaces.

Moreover, you can customize how many items you want to include in a bundle. The convenient thing is, you can set different amounts of each product.

The best feature in Multiorders is automatic updates. This feature will help you avoid over-selling since it will not allow you to make bundles if at least one of the items is out of stock or there’s not enough left of it.

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