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Managing an e-commerce business is full of repetitive tasks. Technology has been extremely useful in automating processes that have predictable patterns and don’t need conscious decisions to be made. When it comes to e-commerce business, many people consider software a godsend. You’re likely in search of free inventory management software, but we’d like to explore this request from a slightly different angle. First, let’s take a look at our software, Multiorders, and its benefits, and then talk about the “free” part.

What features does it have?

Everything you’ll most likely want from inventory management software. Some examples:

  • Livestock count updates to avoid overselling amongst other inconveniences.
  • Automated shipping, label generation and tracking processes. Everything mentioned is done for you within a couple of clicks.
  • Reports/analytical data derived from your business to aid you in making the right calls.
  • Automated purchase orders. The software also reminds you when stock is below the desired count and brings up a ready-to-go purchase order to your supplier. Your stock always stays close to par.

These are just a few examples. You can find the full list on our features page.

Is it completely free?

It is… for up to two weeks. There’s plenty of reason why it’s better this way for you, the merchant, primarily.

Free is also a price, it’s just indirect.

The subscription fee is there so dedicated teams of developers and customer support specialists can focus on improving the software. This way you know your business is in reliable hands, the software is always up-to-date and support is ready to help 24/7.

There are no additional, hidden costs. You get your money back in the form of saved time and replacing the need for extra workers. The value gained never fails to exceed the price paid.

Also, would you really trust completely free inventory management software with your business?

Two commitment-free weeks of Multiorders is there to convince you at our expense.

Should you choose free inventory management software?

Free inventory management software may sound like something you’d like, but not what your business needs. In fact, “free” just removes all liability from the service provider. If any software-related problems come up, you can’t solve them and there’s no guarantee the developers will, neither.

Merchants earn customer reliability through fast shipping and great response times that come with higher margins. In other words, superior service at extra cost. If you care for the overall quality of your business, it’s only natural to experience additional costs.

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