SOLUTION: Ebay Order Management Software

SOLUTION eBay Order Management Software Multiorders

When you use e-commerce sales channels like eBay you are probably aware of the order management issues that arise. Entrepreneurs mostly try to deal with everything at once, though usualy unsuccessfully. Therefore you should seek help in third-party eBay order management software.

One of the best modern software is Multiorders. When you start using Multiorders eBay management software it enables you to automatically process orders. This includes generating shipment tracking information and sales revenue reporting. Most importantly all of it happens on one dashboard even when you own multiple e-commerce stores.

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eBay order management software

To manage orders on eBay just log in to Multiorders account and go to the Orders tab. There you have five sections:

The first one is New. This is where your new orders will be automatically imported from eBay. Even if you own stores on several marketplaces, all the orders will land on this dashboard. Here you can easily manage separate orders, merge them if they have the same delivery address or manage orders in bulk.

New Orders Screenshot Multiorders

Second is the Shipped section. All of your orders end up here when you mark the order as shipped. Once again, it happens automatically, therefore you do not need to take extra steps. In order to finish the shipping process, you just need to select the carrier and that is it. Multiorders will then generate a tracking number and update the order status on your eBay store.

Shipped Orders Screenshot Multiorders

Third, you have All. This section is self-explanatory as you will see all of your orders there, no matter of the current order status.

All Orders Screenshot Multiorders

Fourth, our eBay order management software has a section for Amazon FBA. Now here you may think, why should I use Amazon FBA if I own an eBay store? The answer is simple. You can integrate your eBay store with Amazon FBA through Multiorders. This means that Amazon will ship your goods from their warehouse. This can skyrocket your customer satisfaction rate, as Amazon’s main focus is to make customers happy.

The last but not least is the Dropshipping section. Here you can add as many dropshippers as you need. Then, with the Multiorders software, you can redirect the orders to the right dropshippers.

Furthermore, each order moves through the sections automatically according to the actions you take.

Shipping labels

Moreover, with Multiorders you can effortlessly print eBay shipping labels. Just a few clicks and you’re done. If you have several orders to fulfil you can even print labels in bulk. Shipping labels can be printed at any time, quantity and with no additional cost.

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