GUIDE: How To Download Ebay Listings 2019

GUIDE How To Download Ebay Listings 2019 Multiorders

As an owner of an eBay store you probably need to download your listings once in a while. You may have different reasons. Double-checking inventory or business expansion to a new platform might be just a few.

You may also use the exported data to import it into third-party software and save time. However, even in a user-friendly software like Multiorders, you may be wondering how to download all of your eBay listings at once.

If you want to export eBay listings to a spreadsheet, it is an easy task. However, you might come across a few variations of names for it. Whether it is called the ability to export or download eBay listings, it’s still the same thing. In case you run into any trouble, here is a step by step guide to download your eBay listings.

Ebay integration logo for Multiorders shipping management software

Download eBay listings with Multiorders software

The main purpose of Multiorders software is to automate as many business processes as possible. You can efficiently manage your inventory across multiple channels and you have a centralised dashboard. Besides, you can ship items in seconds and get various reports to better evaluate your business performance.

One of the best features for eBay business owners is that you can download eBay listings in only a few clicks. The download will include the exact information you see on your Multiorders dashboard. Therefore you can edit it as necessary and import it back if that is what you require.

Here is how to download your eBay listings by using Multiorders:

    1. Log in to your Multiorders account.Login Screenshot Multiorders
    2. Go to the Inventory tab.Go To Inventory Screenshot Multiorders
    3. Using the filter at the top left corner choose your eBay store.Add Inventory Filter eBay Screenshot Multiorders
    4. When done, at the top right corner click on the Export button and in the dropdown select Export Filtered.
      Select Inventory Export Options Screenshot Multiorders

A CSV file will download and you can use the spreadsheet of your listings as you please.

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