SOLUTION: BigCommerce Stock Control System

SOLUTION BigCommerce Stock Control System Multiorders

Managing the stock of your own BigCommerce store has its set of difficulties. While the to-do list may seem overwhelming, the best approach is to take care of problems one by one. Let’s talk about one of the main challenges sellers encounter.

My website is not generating enough traffic

The obvious answer is SEO, but that’s not the only option. There are ways to make your products more apparent on the web without the need for more traffic on your own website itself.

What most sellers forget to consider, is the fact that you can have your production on multiple platforms. That way, your BigCommerce stock is accessible to the part of your audience that never visit your website, which probably is a considerable chunk.

In e-commerce, attracting customers is just as important as following them. Solving internal problems and drawbacks of your website will increase attraction, but rarely is that enough to reach your ambitious profit goals.

The solution is to expand your brand beyond your website – join fully-hosted e-commerce platforms, such as eBay, Amazon or Etsy.

Naturally, your body is rejecting. It should be – that’s a big leap to take. Not to mention all the manual work it takes to copy-paste all your products and manage BigCommerce stock in sync with any additional websites you might join.

This huge benefit of having your products beyond your website comes at a price of your time, but only if you skip the easier solution.

BigCommerce stock management software is key

The proper way around managing your BigCommerce stock with the addition of other websites is to adapt software, built for exactly this purpose.

Software like Multiorders makes managing your cross-platform business a breeze:

  • Keeps your BigCommerce stock in sync with any other website, meaning you’ll never have to manually adjust stock.
  • Notifies you when a restock is in need. Of course, followed by a pre-filled purchase order.
  • Gives biggest discounts to shipping prices by default.

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