SOLUTION: Amazon Stock Management Software 2019

SOLUTION Amazon Stock Management Software 2019 Multiorders

When you own an Amazon business it may become problematic to track the completed and pending orders. Without using third party software you can easily get tangled up in all the processes and long to-do lists. Multiorders is here to help you avoid all the pitfalls. We are aware that having complete control of your Amazon store is crucial for successful business operation. Our Amazon stock management software is designed to ensure that you complete all the sales and avoid possible errors due to inaccurate inventory.

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Multiorders Amazon stock management software

Multiorders has plenty of features to help you maximise your sales and increase profits. First of all, you need to grasp the variety of possibilities. With Multiorders you can automate your Amazon stock management. This means that you can automatically update products, create purchase orders, add product bundles and filter products.

Automatic stock update

Amazon stock management software also allows you to centralise inventory management for multiple sales channels other than Amazon. In addition, it helps you monitor inventory changes when orders come in and when you restock the inventory.

Multiorders has plenty of features to help you maximise your sales and increase profits.

To continue, whenever you add a new marketplace to Multiorders software, your inventory will automatically import. If you sell the same products with matching SKU’s in multiple stores, you can set them to merge automatically. As a result, you can track and update your inventory much more easily. In other words, you will see the inventory from your multiple e-commerce shops on one dashboard.

Similarly, when your customer buys a product from any of the shops, the amount of remaining stock automatically changes in all stores. This means that with Multiorders you can forget about constant double checking if real inventory matches the online one.

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Reorder point

Furthermore, to avoid ever going out of stock you can set reorder points. You can either set a global reorder point that will apply to your entire inventory or set different points for individual products. Whenever a product’s remaining stock level drops to the point you set, an automatic notification will alert you about it. Therefore you can create a purchase order and never run out of stock.

It is important to note that reorder points should be chosen according to your delivery times and purchasing power from customers. In other words, you should be sure that the remaining number of items will suffice until you can restock. Most importantly, when you receive the ordered items, you can add them to total inventory with just one click.

Product bundles

One more important feature is that you can create product bundles with the best Amazon stock management software. Product bundles are also sometimes called product kits, but they are the exact same thing.

A product bundle is especially useful if your Amazon business sells product sets. It is when you offer multiple products as a unit. Normally it comes with a slight discount to attract customer attention. A lot of businesses suffer from constant errors here, as it is significantly harder to track product availability. Simply because you need to track several products simultaneously instead of one.

SOLVED How To Bundle Products On Amazon Multiorders

Thus, you might suffer from a major increase in overselling. But not with Multiorders! When you add a product bundle, it tracks the availability of the inventory for you and marks the bundle as out of stock if one item is not available. For instance, you sell jewellery and have a set of a ring, necklace and earrings. Multiorders tracks all three items separately and as one. If you do not have this particular ring in stock, then Multiorders marks the whole set as out of stock.

Filter products

Lastly, Multiorders has a product filter, where you can filter products by SKU, reorder point, quantity, category and many more. Filters help you find important information faster and check on a certain item if a customer inquires about it.

To summarize, with the best Amazon stock management software you can significantly increase your effectiveness and reduce errors to the minimum. Consequently, the levels of customer satisfaction will skyrocket.

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